We are a very friendly , relaxed family trying to provide good food to our local community whilst having many eco rehabilitation programmes for ecosystems broken by farming practices. We farm gently on the land according to permaculture principles. No chemicals all biological organic farming . We welcome people into this life who are willing and interested in this to learn skills and to use the skills they may already have to help build, restore and develop projects. We eat very well too all fresh mostly from our farm.

Our farm consists of Wil (56) who is a high school teacher at a local school, Megan (55) managing the farm with son Kenelm (30) . We also have Amanda Kenelm’s partner and Amanda’s children Thorn and Orion, Allison (26) our daughter and her husband Craig (30) who work on the farm and off at times. They have a baby called Varian. Our main business activities are our permaculture market gardens, our cattle operations and we are moving into building eco retreat camping spaces and workshop education centres all which we need help with. We treat our visitors and volunteers like our family. We love to meet people from all cultures and backgrounds and like to share that we are a very safe and welcoming space for anyone including and especially LGBTIQA , introverts who just want a hang space ( hint we are all introverts) , and anyone on the Autism spectrum. Safe space for all. We just expect respect for each other and selves, an ability to politely communicate needs without issue, trust both ways and honesty. Note: we have composting toilets, we also have household cats, we sometimes get very busy with a project and our house gets messy, our house is old and is due for renovations so comfortable but not perfect. We live in a natural space so you will encounter animals including spiders, cockroaches, mice not on a regular basis but they are there. Accomodation is in our house and an old railway station . Shower and toilet is at the house atm. Working on this. We have a 7000 book library all ordered and also good internet unlimited access. Please be welcome and know that we are very dedicated to our planet survival and live simply with great food, relaxation and meaningful conversation with open minded individuals as we hope you are ! Call or text on 0437792779 for any questions or email : [email protected].


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Wonderful experience with Megan and Wil, my 2 weeks here absolutely flew by! They did a great job of making me feel welcome in their home and within their family. Jobs were usually around 4 hours a day in the morning or afternoon so plenty of time to relax and explore the land which was beautiful! Got involved in a range of jobs including gardening and building a composting toilet. Learned lots about sustainable living and permaculture projects which I will take with me and try to apply to my life. I really recommend this experience for anyone looking to learn about farm living :)

2 meses atrás



Good experience

6 meses atrás



Incredible experience, totally recommend to others that want to experience the pure Australian countryside. Full of activities but very relaxed schedules.
All family takes you as one more member!
It's a beautiful and quiet place to enjoy the moment, they really focus on teaching you permaculture.
Personally I have so much to thanks because of all the help I received as someone that just arrives in a new country.
For people that want to be part of a community and learn how to help the world, with ecology and farm knowledge, this is the place for you.

6 meses atrás



I had a great experience. Since I arrived Megan and Will made me feel welcome and at home. It was the first time I was a volunteer and here in Australia and I couldn't be more grateful that it happened here in Logboy. Three weeks here with the hosts and their family went by in a flash.
Work was flexible, I mainly helped in the market garden and I had plenty of free time I spent with them or by myself.
They’re wonderful hosts and it was a pleasure to stay here, it was an experience I won’t forget and I would highly recommend to anyone!
Thank you Megan and Will, I will miss you guys.

8 meses atrás

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