Loire Valley Guest House

Loire valley is a beautiful place, surrounded by some great French chateaux, Chambord, Chenonceau…Great country side for walking, cycling…the most pretty Zoo in France is only 4 km away…great opportunity to interact with French people

We are a family business, you will be treated as a part of family, open, good communication, honesty, are expected both-ways between you and us. We will be helpful, no matter is too small, do not afraid of being new in the region, we are there for you.


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Marie and Neil are very friendly and communicative. I felt very comfortable with them. I learned a lot about French and English culture from them. The tasks are easy to keep in order.
The city is quiet and pleasant. There are movie theater, zoo, castles and restaurants where you can connect with local people

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Marie and Neill welcomed me very well and helped me whenever I needed it.
The house is located in a beautiful location surrounded by nature, and the center of town is 15 minutes away by bike (which is always available to use).
There is a time limit to return home at night (11 pm) but if that is not a problem for you, everything is fine.
My level of English is better after this experience because they were always very patient with communication.
Some tasks take a little more time but in general they are simple, between 12 pm and 2 pm they can be finished.
I am very grateful!

10 meses atrás



Marie and Neal are the most hospitable people in the region. To all those who’s thinking of coming to volunteer with these lovely two, do it. The workload was a bit monotonous after a while, but it is to be expected of the industry. There are a few caveats, such as food vatiety could be more diverse, and your private space isn’t always your own, depending on the booking schedule. However, they’re very easily overlooked, as your hosts’ golden hearts would trump all of them. I definitely recommend them as your next volunteering opportunity.

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From the first day Marie and Neil made me feel at home, I told them I liked the music, so they surprised me with a nice dinner with Colombian music.
I recommend this experience because you feel part of the family, the location and the house are very nice, the atmosphere is very quiet and the chores take some time but are simple.
Marie and Neil are very attentive people, they cared about me and asked me if I needed anything, I will remember this experience with great happiness.
Thank you for everything and a very special greeting to HēiHēi.

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Estados Unidos


Marie and her family were very welcoming, and made me feel at home in the small village of Seigy. The surrounding area is beautiful, and the nearby zoo (5km by bike) was both magnificent and massive. The private room had a gorgeous view of the woods, though did not have a bathroom, so showers had to be midday in a guest bathroom before cleaning it. I was on my own for breakfast and lunch most days, but supper (usually boiled chicken & veg) was served each night with the family. Staying in August meant the rooms were changing daily, and the work was a bit demanding. Overall, I enjoyed my stay.

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