Lost Paradise

Hello travelers, my name is Vendim.

Everything started as a 'scratch and win' ticket. Seven years ago, I invested spontaneous in the tourism industry for a Bar and Restaurant in an unknown beach, isolated, abandoned and forgotten by civilization, with the idea to bring it back to life.
The possibility of arrival is by boat or hiking into mountains that located in Gjiri Krorez.
Today it is one of the most coveted and populated beaches of Ioan Sea during the summer season.

This initiation was a spiritual call with a not very clear description, some photos, but trusting in instincts. I was investing in a place I had not been before, until the moment when the summer season had started, while the project had stalled. I had a well-paid job, meanwhile nature was calling me, I didn't hesitate to decide to quit my current job.
My first visit was through the trail of Gjiri Kakomes, because there were waves to go by boat in those days. We walked for 6 hours, loaded with various equipment, food, tools, etc., there were no signalers, only bushes. In this days there are cases that lasted 45 minutes. When I arrived on top of the mountain, I realized that this was a place full of energy of life, with wild nature, panoramic landscapes, intermingling colors and peace. Since then I created a spiritual connection where my soul needs this energy and reciprocally.

This unique nature has gifted me an evolutionary vision for a better world, coexisting and synchronizing with nature.
Actually I am in the initial steps of implementing it. For the last two summer seasons I have been structuring the eco camping in nature, offering hospitality and food service. Three years ago I have been experimenting with planting organically in sand in difficult climatic conditions, where life is on going.

My goal is to share the spiritual connection that nature offers me with different travelers of the world. With the aim of creating a community to preserve and return the proper value that nature has.

The current project is to create the basics conditions necessary for accommodation services, the provision of services for guests, so that the ideology keep remains standing and existing. Meanwhile in parallel way following the implementation of the vision with an ecological project. It's not that easy but everything is achieved with love.

In our Eco Campsite we provide hospitality, accommodation in tents, food, beach bar, boat trip and maintenance. I consider it one of the most unique bay to discover in Albanian Riviera.

The easiest way to reach is by daily tourist boats from the harbour located on the promenade of Sarande (next to Bar Restaurant Limani) with departure 9am to 11am (Vitoria boat tour is one of the boat that stop next to campsite) ticket price aprox. 20 euro return.
From this trip you have the opportunity to visit different hiden spots like Shpella e Breshkes, Plazhi I Ushtarit, Kepi I Qefalit, Gremina, Gjiri Kakomes, Gjiri Krorez, just it depends on which boat you travel with to visit all this itineraries.
For hiking in the mountain are two trails, from Gjiri Kakomes and Plazhi Lukove, Shpella. They are rocky path with bushes equipped with signage (red and white) on rocks and trees duration aprox. 90 minutes. Throught the trail from Kakome, you have the chance to visit two Monasteries of St. Mary. They belongs to the post-Byzantine period XVII century.
It is recommended to be prepared with hiking proper shoes and camping equipment.

Our expectations for you are to feel responsible for the tasks required, the feeling of helping where it is most needed. Appreciate it as an unforgettable and fun experience, where the planet calls you to a world of dreams.

You are a helpful and creative soul, bringing new ideas, intertwining our abilities to develop a vision.
Looking to connect with nature, adventure, feel spiritual peace, to be inspired, to refind yourself, sense of community. Want to enjoy the variety of crystal colors of the Ioan Sea and the panoramas offered by the Albanian Riviera, then don't hesitate to join.

I am graduated in 2014 as a Geological Engineer in the field of General Geology and Science of Earth, Bachelor degree. Faculty of Geology and Mining, Polytechnic University of Tirana. I have been working for more than three years on several projects in the construction of hydropower plants in Albania, until I realized that life has gifted me visions for other missions. Currently I'm doing what I realy like hospitality & tourism, permaculture, DIY. I am a visionary for the earth, the environment and the community. This inspires me in new initiatives. I have more than 10 years of experience in services of tourism and hospitality. My motto is to keep the spirit of the team alive. Being in nature and taking care of it, rewards me with peace. I expect the pleasure to be shared bilateral way with nature and what surrounds it. I have been part in several volunteering experiences. For two weeks in humanity initiative organized by the Danish Protestant Church, July 2012 Satoraljaujhely, Hungary. For three weeks in organic farm, January 2023 Ceret, France. Three years member in a former non-profit medical organization, helping community for social issues, 2011-2014 Albania. My passions are in art, traveling, adventure, music, sports, hiking, sailing, permaculture. I love the harmony created by the rhythm of the team. The unity of community life enables us to share, teach, learn, live and love. This energy unite inspire creativity and improvement. We will have the opportunity to get dirty our hands in earth and feel the energy that spreads to our souls. The staff consists of foreign volunteers. I expect you to feel free and flexible to be open-minded. Be aware and prepare before applying. We are in nature, there is a phenomenon where its colors intertwine such as sun, sea, sand, forest, mountain, animals, insects, reptiles, storm and infinity of stars. We are isolated from civilization, having deficiencies in conditions. There is a lack of vital basics like no water supply, no electricity, no supermarket, no wifi. The way we are supplied water, is the sourse located nearby, where we use a pump with schedules. In the hottest months of July and August, due to the drought, the level of water flow drops. One of our mission is saving water for more useful needs, we use a dry toilet and improvised shower. We provide electricity through renewable solar energy, where the possibility is only for charging phones, respecting the queue and the necessary emergencies. We recommend you to bring a power bank with you. The grocery shopping is carried out from the city of Sarande. I have a small boat, the days I go to the city you can join for your purchases. You are welcome to join the Team


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A good experience to connect with nature, hang out by the water for many hours a day and get to know some locals and tourists

9 meses atrás

Vendim respondeu

Alice is pleasant and funny. Her stay I will qualify it as one of the best experiences. She helped me a lot in hospitality, service, cooking and administrative work. I feel thankful that you were part of Lost Paradise. You are welcome back.

Arábia Saudita


It was a good experience, the place was quiet and beautiful, the work was not much or tired, but there were no specific hours.

9 meses atrás

Vendim respondeu

Ryad is an inspiring, calm, motivated and hard-working soul. His stay was short but he helped me a lot with organic planting in the sand and some handyman works. Just needs more time to adapt to a new culture and rules. Thank you for being a part of Lost Paradise, you are welcome.

África do Sul


Kroreza bay is a magical place! I can’t imagine any other experience being similar to this one- it is truly a unique experience. The work I did while I was there was mostly cleaning bamboo for the beach bar, helping out with guests and some admin stuff. I met some really great people, locals and other travelers.

10 meses atrás

Vendim respondeu

Christina's contribution will make it one of the best experiences. She helped me a lot in various tasks such as administrative work, handyman, cooking and hospitality. Her performance showed strong personality, responsibility and determination. I'm grateful you were part of Lost Paradise, thank you. I wish to see you back again, you welcome.



I had one of the best experiences in my life in contact with nature and simple life.
The host is a really nice person, open minded and always clear about his ideias and thoughts.
I learned a lot about environment protection, bio construction and the most important thing is to be present and give the real value to the Mother Nature and appreciate the beauty of life.
LP is a place for everyone but not everyone is for LP
I slept in a good tent, always having meals together, connecting w locals, lots of sunsets, and lot of fun.
I’m so grateful for all. I’ll be back there. Saudades

10 meses atrás

Vendim respondeu

Rafa is a hard worker, with a spirit of creativity, motivated, inspired and big ideas. His skills and energy helped me a lot in my project. His stay was not long, but I will classify it as one of the best experiences. Thank you for your contribution and for being a part of Lost Paradise . You welcome back to implement your ideas. Saudades



The host is not a bad person, provide as food but he doesn’t know how to organize the schedules. I mean, the experience was great because i connected with other volunteers and the place is really beautiful, but the fact that was hard to have a nice relationship with the host made the volunteering a bit heavy and weird.
And also i had to change my tasks from one day to other because another person came with the same job offer than me.

11 meses atrás

Vendim respondeu

Tomas surprised me in positive and negative aspects. He came with positive energy to the cooking position. With his full will he was involved in other tasks of handyman, I admired him for this. At this stage I needed work performance and more volunteers. He proposed to me three of his friends outside the platform and postponing his stay by one week. I accepted without hesitation, believing in him. During this phase I was including food. With the presence of his friends, he changed his energy and behavior. The yield was the lowest with his friends, the highest expenses, broken rules and disrespect. I pointed this out to them several times, until I changed my attitude. The only alternative remained was their departure from the campsite.

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