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fue una linda experiencia conocí gente muy linda , gracias.

3 meses atrás


I had a really great time at Macarena!! and Cancun is such a beautiful city!! thank you guys for everything

3 meses atrás


I applied to be receptionist,and was pushed to do activities instead.I didnt like that.No booking system,they use excel and a notebook.CHAOS.You never know if sb paid or checked out. Dirty bathrooms,breakfast is just cereal and milk,sometimes there wasnt any left at 9;40. No ambience of the hostel, super boring, few guests! I offered to cook once, was accepted and rejected after 5min,come on, so rude!
Cleaning was always an issue - dirty staffroom, toilets - nobody knew who was supposed to clean that. I was told I have no dinner included, when I had it included.
Woudn't recommend.

4 meses atrás


Fueron días muy bonitos. Yo encontré una familia en estás semanas. Todo fue mejor de como lo había pensado. Muchas gracias a todos! Espero encontrarve otra vez. Un abrazo a todos desde Palermo.

5 meses atrás


Eeverything in Macarena was better than I expected... I arrived in a critic situation in my life, but all the hostel and the people living there were enough to make me be happy and myself again. Mariana make the hours always in our convenience in the way that we could be working in the hostel but enjoying the city and activities. I left a huge family and a little peace of my hurt there.

5 meses atrás

Mariana respondeu

We hope you come back soon to visit Macarena