Mai Niti Healing Center

Hello, we are a shamanic family in a Shipibo community north of Pucallpa. My father Leonardo is 85 years old and has been a curandero for many, many years. We come from a long lineage of onayas (Shipibo for master healer), My father Leonardo has been passing his knowledge onto me for many years now and together we work in healing all those who come to us in need of healing, whether it be from physical illness, psychological, emotional or spiritual. Our doors are open to all who come in need of healing, Our path is guided by compassion and it fills our hearts with profound joy to see people who walk through these gates heal and become healthy, happy, free and connected with their true nature.
We work with many medicinal plants sacred to the Shipibo people. Among these sacred plants, we work with is ayahuasca, profoundly powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit. We hold ayahuasca ceremonies twice a week for those who come to stay with us. In addition to helping our guests, we also help locals from the village when there is someone sick and in need of our help. This healing center open to all those who feel the calling to come here, and we want to provide the deepest level of healing and care to all those who come here, for this we need the help of volunteers with various tasks which we cannot do alone. An area we need regular help in is translating between Spanish and English as we speak only Shipibo and Spanish, while many of the guests speak English but little Spanish. There are a large number of other tasks we need help with, including cooking, cleaning, helping with the guests, fixing things and helping to keep the center running at maximum capacity. Right now we are working on a website for the center and need help in web development and creating content. Any skills you have will be much appreciated here.

The primary things we require of you are compassion, understanding, open mindedness and humility. This is important because as a volunteer, you will be interacting with the guests, some of who are going through very deep and sometimes difficult healing processes and need to be in an environment of compassion and support. As a volunteer spending time with guests undergoing deep healing processes with the plants, and the maestros who are working with the plants regularly, it is important for the well being of everyone here that you be as energetically clear as possible during your stay. We don’t require you to follow the same strict diet as the guests (unless you are working with the plants also), but require you to avoid drugs, some low vibrational foods such as pork and sex while you are staying with us.


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La experiencia sigue siendo muy hermosa y mágica. Este voluntariado te transforma y expande tu consciencia. El lugar es increíble, en el medio de la selva, se vive rodeada de naturaleza y personas maravillosas. Hay amor y aprendizajes en cada rincón y momento. Las instalaciones son muy cómodas, el equipo es genial. Me he sentido muy contenida e integrada. Es una gran oportunidad para aprender sobre la medicina de las plantas, la vida en comunidad, la cultura peruana y Shipibo. El mejor voluntariado que he experimentado sin dudas,súper recomiendo y agradezco infinito a toda la familia Mainete.

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