Maison Bleue

My beautiful holiday and seminar center, in a quiet idyllic location in the countryside with many nice surprises, invites you to live here for a while together and work together.

There is a large self-catering vegetable garden, many fruit trees, bees, chickens, horses and donkeys and many birds; also two dear dogs and a few cats live here. There are 5 cottages, a pizzeria, a pyramid for events, but also a pool and a sauna. The people who spend time with us have their own house at their disposal, such as cooking and eating together at least once a day. We play, discussing and have fun and a good time together.


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It was so beautiful here, waking up every morning to a beautiful view makes it hard to leave. I've made friendships I'll treasure forever and I've learned a lot. Yes Phillipe has strong opinions but I've felt safe physically and emotionally. He makes an effort to provide a good experience by having activities on the weekends, and being considerate. I also got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. A truly satisfying experience. I would happily return.

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I learned a lot with my experience at Maison Bleue. Philippe is a very helpful host and keeps to the schedule, at the same time systematic and likes everything to be done his way.

Philippe is also a man of strong opinions and he loves to make jokes (especially if you are South American).

The farm is beautiful, spacious and with many animals. I helped with the construction work, the hours are divided into 2 shifts (from 9 am to 12 pm / 2 pm to 4 pm).

I feel like I learned a lot in the two weeks I was there. Thanks for everything Philippe!

4 meses atrás



Maison Bleue is a beautiful and charming place, with animals such as donkeys, horses, chickens, cats and adorable dogs.
It was very nice to know the region.
The works were maintenance, construction, house keeping.
The times and exchanges were as agreed.
Philippe is a peculiar person, with a very strong personality and opinions, as well some unfunny jokes with people from other countries.
He brought me a lot of learning in the work that we did in construction, it'll help a lot in my life.

4 meses atrás



I had a truly great time. I spend 14 days there. Because of the long lunch break the five hours work per day went by fastly and afterwards I could enjoy the day with others volunteers. We lived together but everyone had their own room. We cooked together and had a great time together. Yes the work was hard but I learned a lot and could discover work outside of my daily experiences. It was good to get another perspective.

6 meses atrás



First, what I liked the most was the food, they are vegetarians and you learn to eat meatless dishes in a delicious way. and on the other hand they were very kind and hospitable to me. working hours are fully complied with and rest days are fully respected even though my stay was short, I was able to enjoy it. the bad, it hit me a huge hahah
I am really grateful to them.

9 meses atrás

Philippe respondeu

thanks a lot dear Leticia !!!

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