Maison d'Eden, Moulin D'Eden

It is a mansion of 17th century situated at 1h from Paris. You have beautiful nature all around us. The property has its own private 6 hectares of first and park.

Our main clientele is from Paris who comes to spend a weekend in the family in the calm of nature.

We are constantly remodeling the place, by renewing all infrastructures. I have a handyman who comes 2-3 days a week. I also have 3-4 assistants who are doctors or lawyers who work for me in Paris but come to help me whenever I ask them, and enjoying nature at the same time. My environment is a mixture of different talents, but around the property, we become all hotel managers, cleaners, builders, bushmen, gardeners etc. If this makes sense to you, and make you. I am personally very fit and active and appreciate a lot, physical work, so for me, just working out there is wonderful. I also write books and already published more than 10 on human physiology, moralities, mental and physical limits etc, and this place is the best place for me to come and write my books.

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