Maison de Maitre en Bord de Rivière

Our nature Countryside with its medieval environnement. We live directly at the river. Our peacefull touristical summervillage is ideal for persons who look to relax, to fish, to read, to enjoy a glass of wine or just work on their tan. You can also go horse riding, kayaking or golfing at less than three miles (5km) from the house.

Although we do spend a lot of the meals together we have created you a private "Living Space". It is a comfortable thermical insulated and winterheated large camper space next to our house. This provides you in a double bed, tv _ free internet, and kitchenette with a FILLED UP FRIDGE, shower room - toilet and private terrace on the Riverside. (see joined picture collection of your private living space)

If you are without transport, you have a bike at your disposal as we are having a direct access to the regional green path which leads to the nearest town. We assist you in finding cheap ways of visiting nearby places such as Toulouse & Bordeaux.

In summer months our village weekly has an animated saturday evening marché gourmand with live music. The small town next to us has free concerts on wedsnesday. And during the hot summerdays you can bath and relax at the nautical base of our small village or go for a swim in the pool on the riverside in a nearby village called Sainte Livrade or go by bicycle to the lake with sand beach. All depends on your own initiatives and interests. Do keep in mind you will need to take the bicycle and/or bus or car co-riding platform.

And of course from time to time we do try to drive you to the nearest places too… At five miles (5km) from the house you will find public transport connections to larger cities, bars, restaurants, cinema and all the shops you could possibly need.

To be happy at our place you also need to enjoy spending some time on your own, just reading, meditating, hiking, riding or writing a book... Our place is very peaceful and we are looking forward to meeting responsible people with love for animals and respect for nature. From time to time we also host paying guests who often look for privacy an quietness. So at those periods some parts of the property can not be used by the volunteers. We deeply care about the quality of service we offer to our guests, and we give our maximum to create comfortable conditions for our volunteers, so we don't expect less than your maximum.


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Marika and Stephan are very nice! It was my first Worldpackers experience and I enjoyed! I truly believe they did everything they could to make me feel welcomed. It’s a good opportunity to slow down, enjoy nature and go on bike rides. Thank you ☺️

12 dias atrás



Our experience was challenging. The natural surroundings and the interaction with the animals were pleasant. However, the unhealthiness of the caravan was unexpected and the toilet placed next to the bed inconvenient. The lack of Internet access made it difficult for us to work online. Also, the tension with the host made us uncomfortable due to a poor communication and yelling while we tried to talk. We finished our stay earlier than expected. At least, I had the opportunity to practise french with the host. We are young and hardworking, we hope to enjoy being volunteers in another occasion.

2 meses atrás



Our experience was challenging. The contact with nature and the interaction with the animals is pleasant. However, problems such as hygiene in the caravan and the location of the toilets next to the bed made our stay difficult. The lack of internet access made our online work difficult. Tension with the host made us uncomfortable, communication was poor and we eventually left earlier than planned. We believe it is not right to raise your voice when you are not happy with the housekeeping service. It is important to share these experiences to help make informed decisions for future volunteers.

2 meses atrás



Marika and Stephan are great hosts, cooked delicious meals, often offered us a lift to nearby towns and were always very helpful and understanding.
We lived in a fully equipped camper surrounded by nature, including a river just a few steps away, in a company of magnificent animals.
Thank you, Marika and Stephan, it was a pleasure 😊

8 meses atrás



I am very happy to have spent 4 weeks here.
Positive atmosphere, delicious Belgian food and nature is how I will remember these moments.
Tasks to be done always clear!
Access to the river where you can fish!
In the area a lot of villages where you can go to travel by bike.
I recommend and thank you ;)

8 meses atrás

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