Maison Du Rocher

We are a family house that operates a Bed&Breakfast, an adventure park with unusual accommodations and activities/sports. We are immersed in nature, in a Forest surrounded by trees, rock climbing and possibilities to practice different kinds of sports. Just 1 hour by train from Paris.

La Maison Du Rocher De Fontainebleau is a company so you need to have a working visa or a European passport to apply as we will deliver you a official contract during your stay. So in fact you will get some symbolic payment.

Here is definitely a lifestyle choice where you will have two different experiences:

The first is related to involvement with the guests. They are here for various purposes, including team meetings, sports coaching, birthdays, bouldering in the forest and family/friends/couple vacations.

However, it's focused in a mutual exchange of ideas, culture, and stories. You greet the guests, share meals, participate in sports, activities and chat with them during the stay.

The other is your involvement with the other members of the team or Family. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many cultures all over the world, who speak a variety of languages (English being the universal language). You will spend most of your time here, living, helping and experiencing together with the other ones. They will become family and you will learn so much from each and every one.

Basically we prepare the place for guests to share the moments with them during their stay.

- Handyman services. Ex: gardening, carpentry, painting, general maintenance, electrics, etc.

- Cleaning and Housekeeping. Ex: Cleaning common areas in the house, Laundry, preparing the accommodations for the guests.

- Kitchen hand. Ex: Dishes, help with cooking, setting the tables, storage the food, grocery shops...

Welcome to the Maison Du Rocher!

Depending of your experience and motivation we share the tasks between the team. But globally your stay will be focus to your speciality. We will be available to help, inform and support you in all your doubts about how to do the tasks!


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Esta ha sido mi primera experiencia y puedo decir que quede realmente satisfecho, no tengo queja alguno en cuanto a lo que he vivido, como de las personas que he conocido e incluso las actividades que he realizado.
El trabajo es muy variado, el cual sienta bien y hace la estadía más a mena, en alguna situaciones alguien te pedirá hacer horas de más pero si tú llevas tú control y te das la oportunidad de vivir en este ambiente créeme será una experiencia gratificante.

2 meses atrás



I stayed at maison du rocher for 5 weeks and I was very sad to leave, because it was a great first worldpacker experience for me. The best part for me was the workers team, because they were very kind, open, hard-working and good-humoured people and have grown dear to my heart. The work itself does alter everyday, which is good to have a change and sometimes you have to work more hours. However you do get paid and you can use all the offerings of the property, which is a nice exchange. And the food made by the people working in the kitchen is more than amazing. Obrigada por tudo!!

4 meses atrás



This was a great experience! work was active and social in a beautiful forest environment. The other helpers were some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met - expect to be warmly welcomed by a gorgeous group of Brazilians! Unfortunately there was a lack of organisation and leadership from the host which meant tension could arise when tasks were not met to his standards. I think more processes and an explanation of expectations to ensure that work is being completed as desired would be good. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this to someone confident, social and active. Merci beaucoup!!!

4 meses atrás




9 meses atrás



Infelizmente minha experiência no local não foi boa, o anfitrião muitas vezes era grosseiro o que me deixou muito desconfortável e me fez deixar o local depois de duas semanas. Além disso não havia um plano de tarefas a fazer, nunca dava pra saber o que iria ter no próximo dia e muitas vezes não respeitam as horas de trabalho da plataforma...por ser outono não havia muitos voluntários ou hóspedes o que tornou a experiência bastante solitária e entediante para um voluntariado. Eu realmente não indicaria esse lugar. O único ponto positivo é que o local é bonito mas tem muitos pontos a melhorar.

12 meses atrás

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