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All change with me! I have bought a little house that needs some work to make it into a home. I am looking for someone with a skill of the building trade; general building or someone to paint the rooms. I hope to find someone for March, April and May. As a traveler you will enjoy the nature all around this quiet village. I make my own bread and cook everything from fresh at all times. This is also an opportunity for someone to come here for cooking and language practice, as I speak English and French. Please do not come here to learn French, you will be very disappointed! There are always improvements to be made and your input and inspiration is very welcome. VERY IMPORTANT: 1)The village does not have public transport so it is NOT suitable for people wanting to explore by themselves, so please do not apply for this opportunity if you have your own agenda. 2) I offer a home-stay ideal for people who want to immerse themselves in Breton life and disconnect from social media. If you are looking for a place where you work fixed hours please do not ask to come! 4)This position will ONLY SUIT people who are curious, enjoy food, will want to join in with local events, and does not have to spend all night on the phone to friends! People who want to enjoy what Brittany offers are very welcome and I will happily be your guide and take you to music and other events. I will be very happy to learn Spanish and practice yoga if you can guide me. If you do not enjoy food please do not ask to come...!

I am an English person settled in France for 17 years. I try to grow as much of my own food as I can and make jams and preserves. I collect wild mushrooms and other produce that nature provides us with. Vegetarians are very welcome, I do eat meat and fish but very little red meat; we eat all meals together and I adapt to your diet with the main meal being in the evening. You have a double room to yourself and share a bathroom with me. Sheets and towels are provided. I have no staff, by using volunteer help it is easier to be more self sufficient and gives the opportunity for travelers to enjoy this rural corner of France. Expect to be asked to do housework and gardening, to go mushroom hunting (May to Dec) in the local forest, walk in the valley and go to the beach when hot! I only need one person at a time but for the building project I will take 2, and like people to stay a minimum of 2 weeks, but longer is better for you and me... Days off: Sunday, and other time by arrangement. Many events happen on Sundays and I will be willing to take you.


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Eu tive uma ótima estadia na Maison Ker! Foi uma experiência única e incrível conhecer o David, o estilo de vida dele e de toda a comunidade da vila que ele mora. A comida é uma delícia, o David é sempre muito criativo e faz pratos maravilhosos. Ele também me levou para conhecer a costa, e fomos em alguns eventos da comunidade, tudo muito legal!
Se você está pensando em voluntariar lá, go for it! Mas tenha em mente que não é um esquema com tarefas preestabelecidas e horários fixos de trabalho, e sim uma experiência de viver juntos, e ir ajudando no que for necessário.

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Im so glad I ended up here for my first experience with WP, David is a fun guy with a beutiful soul and an amazing chef . The work was very rewarding and I got to meet alot of unique and cool people, Brittany is one of the most interesting places i've been and I would recommend this place to anyone, boy or girl. 10/10 im gonna miss the food !!!

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David é uma ótima pessoa, ele se esforçou desde o inicio pra fazer eu me sentir bem e acolhida. Ele precisa de alguém que fique a disposição dele a maior parte do dia, isso não é algo que tinha ficado claro pra mim até eu chegar lá e acabou sendo um problema. Eu precisava de um tempo livre durante o dia pra poder estudar e isso não se encaixaria na dinâmica da experiência. Conversei com ele e ele foi tranquilo e compreensível. Eu resolvi ir embora depois de alguns dias. Melrand é um lugar muito lindo e David faz comidas maravilhosas! Apesar de tudo foi uma boa experiência. :)

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It has been such an amazing experience in all aspects... you are connected with nature since the first minute. David is a great great host, he is an excellent chef, everything is fresh and natural in his cooker. Staying with him you can learn plenty of things about everything, he has fantastic conversations, he knows perfectly the surroundings for picking mushrooms and show you the landscapes of Britanny. People from the zone are very friendly and I could meet a lot of neighbors. I am really happy to have chosen this project in Melrand with David , I highly recommend it.
Thanks David !!!!!!!

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Not sure how to write a short and concise review in under 600 characters, so first of all I need to say THANK YOU to David, once again. It was my first experience on WP & absolutely fantastic.
If you are open-minded and up for adventures I 100% recommend spending some time with David. He is one of the most generous, kind, caring, adventurous and smart people I have met. The work isn't demanding at all, and you will feel safe, respected, and cared for from day 1. I have too many good memories from this time in Brittany; people like David are so rare nowadays.

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