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Tired of crappy accommodations and impersonal hotels? Come stay in our backpacker ´s hostel and enjoy a new concept of lodging. Makuto Guesthouse Hostel Granada is a charming historic mansion located in the oldest and most attractive neighborhood of Granada, the Albaicin. Moroccan markets, sunny plazas, amazing viewpoints … We offer a home away from home and we´d love to have you join our backpacker’s family. Come and stay with us. Turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.


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It was a very nice experience. The staff (Lulu, Vivi, Ana, Carlos and Isa) are lovely souls. The hotel is one of the best in terms of social life and atmosphere; and it is not rare to hear guests saying "I will prolong my staying because I love this hostel".
The only catch is that I found the experience quite imbalanced: the hostel would not run without volunteers, and we had to resolve some serious issues that should have been addressed by the owners (who did not look very interested in their activity). In exchange, they make you sleep in a storage room with 4 beds.
Recommended though!




Makuto is the perfect place to store a piece of your heart and volunteering here has been the best experience in my life so far.
Lulu, Carlos, Isa, Eva and all the staff are always ready to put their efforts to help you live this experience at its finest, so I felt comfortable since the first day.
The other volunteers were simply the best and I couldn’t have asked for better friends in all of this.
The hostel is an incredibly social environment, the working shifts are absolutely fair and you’ll have a lot of free time.
Whatever you’re looking for, Makuto is the place.
Adios Makuteros!




the hostel is beautiful and the staff is very nice, always in a good mood. However, the room for volunteers is horrible. The room is tiny with space just to open the door. No space to leave your suitcase and you have to leave in another common area of ​​the hostel. The room has no windows, ventilator and much less air conditioning. There is a very dim light on the wall and so the room is very dark. It has two bunk beds and a tiny space. The wall does not reach the ceiling and you need to leave the door straight to get some air. The work shift is 8 hours.


Makuto respondeu

Work shift is 8 hours in terms of helping with breakfasts, speaking with people, explaining maps. Don't be scared of working Lucca! ;)
There are lots of moments during the shift when you manage to relax, unlucky you didn't give yourself and us the opportunity neither to try!
The good side of volunteering is challenging yourself adapting to new situations!
The room is tiny but completely open on the top part, let's leave it clear!
Good luck with your future :)



Working in Makuto has been the best experience of my life! The vibe is always positive, the environment is young and international and the work is enjoyable and chill. Sara, Marta and Riccardo are always ready to help you and
after 5 weeks there, I felt like I was leaving a family.
I couldn’t ask for a better Worldpackers experience!




The hostel is amazing and full of stimulus, i loved to be there and to spend time there.
I loved to work there with the people, Riccardo Marta and Sara are really great people, you will love to meet them, drink with them and work with them.
Also all the others volunteer that I met were great people, i spent a wonderful period back at makuto, i wish to be back there someday in that wonderful city of granada!


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