Makuyu Education Initiative

We are very transparent, accountable, and efficient organization that deeply cares about the children and wants to make a real difference in their lives.

Our staff is relatively small: we have several officers and board members living in the States . The staff in Kenya include a manger, a caretaker, a cook, a guard, and an officer. The volunteers will be treated with respect. We are very grateful to all those who come to help.

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Buenisima experiencia en Makuyu! Si lo que andan buscando es vivir con los niños y vivir como la gente de ahí (con todo lo que eso significa) lo recomiendo muchisimo!

15 dias atrás


Fui surpreendida ao passar os 30 dias mais especiais e transformadores da minha vida. É realmente na simplicidade que encontramos as melhores e mais profundas respostas, foi no sorriso de cada uma dessas pessoas, foi na rotina de lavar roupas e admirar a natureza, foi no silencio de um céu estrelado em Makuyu que encontrei o que precisava e me reconectei comigo e com minha essência. Se eu puder humildemente te dar um conselho é VIVA ISSO, vá de coração aberto, sem expectativas e com muito amor para compartilhar <3 Makuyu estará pra sempre no meu coração e nas minhas orações, espero voltar.

3 meses atrás


My experience was incredible, I spent the best moments of my life there. Of course, you have your difficulties like bathroom and shower. But who goes there knows. They welcomed me like a brother, the children are sweethearts, I miss them very much. I will certainly come back, I am grateful for everything.

4 meses atrás


After 3 months in Makuyu, I feel thankful because I achieved what I was expecting.

I came here to serve and help in any task; it didn't matter if it was to clean, sweep floors, wash clothes or even a toilet. Everything was for the kids and thats what really matters.

I also learnt how to cook traditional food, went to church and school with the kids, watch movies, play and share with them. I also tried to do my best during nights, assisting teaching math, english, science or even social studies. I also learnt a lot of swahili words.

This is the perfect place to live a simple life.

6 meses atrás


Meeting the children of MEI was one of the most intense experiences of my life, a mixture of feelings during the three months I spent there helped me to evolve in every way.
I will take friends from home, volunteers and children always at heart. Go from the open heart and learn from these children what happiness is.
About security, infrastructure, donations, staff, activities and food, feel free to send me messages. (some details are important to know to avoid surprises).
Already leaves there feeling miss...

7 meses atrás

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