Mellow Vélos

This is an opportunity to connect with traditional rural France at the same time as working with a range of different types of bikes. Our place is perfect for someone who loves working with their hands as well as being outdoors, cycling, walking, kayaking or just chilling by the river with a book.

We are a couple in our fifties, no kids. We are easy-going, vegetarian, animal lovers. Volunteers will get their own private space including a private bathroom, access to the rest of the house of course and will eat most meals with us, when we are not out on deliveries. We will help volunteers to take part in any of the outdoor activities available here and will facilitate anything they might want to do in their free time.


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We had an amazing time with Tessa and Geoff. They were completely kind, gentle and sweet with us. Also, they were concerned about how we were going, asking us about the jobs and suggesting different activities for us to do in our free time. Geoff taught us about bike maintenance and we learned and enjoyed a lot working with him. We shared with them a lot of conversation. In addition, they lent us bikes with all the necesary equipment and we did differents activities in the nature.
We loved being with them. They are wonderful and generous people and we wish good luck in their new adventure!

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Immediately after arriving at Mellow Vellows we felt right at home and fell in love with the area as well as their amazing animals. Tessa and Geoff are the most amazing people and they made sure that we had a great time throughout our entire stay. The food was always amazing, there was some great hiking and activities, and we missed being there the moment we left.

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At Mellow Vélos I had one of the best periods of my life, for which I will be grateful forever.
Geoff and Tessa are amazing people always caring about their volunteers. Making sure that you'll get a great time there.
The small village of Prades it's absolutetly charming and the place around wonderful with tons of activities to do.
About the work, don't worry it's perfectly easy and doable, you really don't need prior skills to do it.
Also Geoff and Tessa are extremely carefull with the hours of working. It's guaranteed that you'll have a lot of spare time.

11 meses atrás

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