Mirlung Star Xavier's School

It is peaceful place beside the nature , friendly environment, caring people with enthusiasm of learning and teaching new things. People of any age would welcome you in this place. Everyone would love to talk to you and exchange your views and ideas with you. They would love to show their culture and traditions to volunteers. We also want you to enjoy our festivals and rituals . You can enjoy different culture here with harmony.

We are family. All of us stay together with love, co-operation and kindness. Anyone who comes here become a part of family and we even make a family around the world. Volunteer can expect to be a family member during his/her stay and even after whenever he / she love to come.


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About the school itself, I was amazed to see how well organized it was ! The classes, the schedules, the subjects. And even more amazed with the level of education. It was exactly as strong as in the schools in Brussels. It was really satisfying to see it! Still comparing to the schools in that part of Europe, you could find all the same basics : a kitchen, toilets, shower, library, director’s office,... all of that organized by the amazing owner of this place who dedicates his entire time to help that region. The surroundings were amazingly beautiful; mountain, river, animals, villages!

quase 4 anos atrás

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