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We are just 🌟 ting! It's a great place to be in Mexico, close to the most traditional and beautiful places. So if you like to know about the history of mexico, the culture, cuisine and traditions this is the place, there some communities around which are ancestral and we'll the food is amazing, the place is great to have a good night party .

I'm Karla and I'm the guest of four beautiful dogs family, as this is their house, I'm a guide for Mexico because Im in love with it, yoga instructor cause I should relax and stretch and teacher cause I love to learn. This is a very unusual family but a family indeed so long mexican after foods talks and happy moments.

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She Has Problem With Having “Western People” ! She Kept To Insult Western People Include My Country “Canada” When I Express My Self. And Also Her Dogs Are Not Vaccinated For Some Illness, And her Dogs Have Heugen “cleaning” Issues. There Is No Health Safety During Cleaning after Her Dogs. When I Tried To Mention That To Her, She asked Me To Leave. So I Left The Host.

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Karla respondeu

Dear Yaser, it is very insulating what you're writing, first to follow you're from Kuwait nor Canada, secondly you're not made for outdoor activities or life close to nature,I ask you to leave as you were disrespectful and lazy, sleeping all day long and not wing proactive, also you don't know how to do the main house activities,having no hygiene whatsoever
Have a happy life !


Nunca llegué a hacer voluntariado alla. Llegué a San Cristobal para hacerlo y cuando las fechas de inicio llegaron me dijeron que no podían recibir. Intenté contactarlos por worldpackers antes para confirmarlo pero no me contestaron. Conseguí hablarles apenas por whatsapp y así tuve notícia de que no podría recibirme.

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Karla respondeu

Querida Jennifer por alguna razón no hubo sincronización para comunicarnos, es innhomrstay y justo cuando pudimos yo estaba fuera de la ciudad, espero que un día podamos platicar y saber que a veces la tecnología no está a nuestro favor


very charming and lovely place and you feel immadiately at home. carla is a guru and will help you with all your troubles (travel and life ones). it was also my first expierence with worldpackers and a stunning expierence and easy to reach from san christobal with a collectivo.

if you are looking for a minimalistic and peaceful stay in a rush world then you will find it there! the working tasks are easy and it also depends on what you've learned or what you interested in
be prepared for the 3 ladies (dogs) lucy, raksha and tinkerbell.

i promised to come back

saludos mike

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