Miyajima Guesthouse Mikuniya

Come and join our team! In our guesthouse, we need helpers to do the cleaning tasks 5 days/week or receptionists 2 days/week depending on whether they can speak Japanese or not. If you want to help in another field, such as creating videos or advertisements on social media, it is adjustable for the work shift. Accommodation is with our guests, thus it is easy to make new friends from all over the world. A shared kitchen and free WiFi are provided.

About myself Hello, my name is Junya and I am born in Hiroshima. I'm running this guesthouse since 2013. I travelled in France, Spain, South Korea, and China. I speak Japanese and English. Since COVID the customers are mainly Japanese but as soon as the borders open I expect lots of foreign customers (before COVID 90% of the customers were overseas customers). About the island: Miyajima is a small island less than an hour outside the city of Hiroshima. It is most famous for its giant torii gate. The sight is ranked as one of Japan's three best views. While there are usually many day tourists, in the evening the area becomes much quieter and more peaceful. There are also wild deers on the island. The island can be reached by ferry [one every 5/10 minutes from 8AM to 6PM, first at 6:25 and last at 22:42] . The main part of the island is accessible by walking or biking but you can also come with your car [extra fees for bike/car for the ferry’s fare]. There are nice hikes to do around the island with a wonderful view of the west of Hiroshima Prefecture. You will meet small waterfalls, shrines and wild animal such as deer, weasel or tanuki if you’re lucky enough.

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