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Because he can get experiences that he can't get in a classic hostel or guest house. We have a travel agency with numerous excursions and activities that our volunteers can get for free and get to know our beautiful country better.

We are professional, punctual, and well organized and there are no misunderstandings between us and volunteers. We have 15 years of experience in this business, we have all gone through all stages of work and we know exactly what volunteers can achieve during their working hours. Volunteers can learn a lot from us about the business model we are developing and what makes us unique in Montenegro.

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It was a very pleasant experience, amazing place with a beautiful Landscape and Old Town. Absolutly recommandable!

6 dias atrás



My experience couldn’t be better! Gordana and Biljana are very sweet persons and I passed a great time doing this volunteer. The hostel is in the heart of the old town, the tasks are simple (cleaning, changing the beds and helping with the check-in) and the atmosphere is great. I’m very grateful to have experienced this period in Kotor and I would recommend this volunteer for all of you. It was my first worldpackers experience and I enjoyed. Thanks Gordana and Biljana for receiving me so well :)

17 dias atrás



It was my first experience, something incredible, I am grateful to Gordona, Bozo, and all his family, they made me feel part of it.
The tasks are simple, I did the cleaning, my shift was 4 hours but I always finished before time.
My companions Fernando and Vuk were kind,friendly, very active
Bozo is integrated as a worker and that makes you feel comfortable.
Between the 4 of us we formed an incredible group, each one with his own personality, I have many beautiful memories of this experience.
I hope to be able to come back soon
Thanks for everything
I love you all and I miss you already

1 mês atrás



I'm having a great time here. The staff are really amazing, so much so that I ended up asking for an extra month. The city is beautiful and there are a lot of nice places around. Definitely a place to come and forget what time of the week it is.

2 meses atrás



My experience was good at the hostel, the tasks if you’re girl is housekeeping, my shift was 12:00 to 16:00, basically you need to change and clean everything, if you’re boy you have the best shift, because for the owners isn’t allowed “man” change the sheets and clean; one time I needed to change my shift with the other volunteer but the owner didn’t accept for that reason, anyway Biljana and Gordana (owners) are good and friendly persons; the city is amazing and you would love to be there.

6 meses atrás

Gordana respondeu

There is no inequality between women and men, but there was an agreement with another volunteer who worked the evening shift. It is completely irrelevant who is of which gender. We are looking for people who can help with cleaning and the owner works the same shift as the volunteers. For your online business that you had, and towards which we treated responsibly, the day shift was ideal. Another volunteer had a nocturnal one (because you were both digital nomads and had your extra work online).

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