Ms Anna's Homestay and English classes for Kids

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Lee. I am the founder of an education project . Its name is BETTER EDUCATION AND AGRICULTURE This is an education project to teach English for the Children in my places and around here with Volunteers from many countries . My family has 4 people . We live in Binh Duong province, about 20 kilometers from center of Ho Chi Minh city Binh Duong province is a province in the South of Vietnam, close to Ho Chi Minh city with so many famous places for the travelers to visit such as Cu Chi tunnel, museum,... I am looking for the Volunteers who can come here to stay with us in a homestay, help us to make some great videos & photos while helping us to teach English for the Kids. I have 2 children (Le Vy and Quang Minh). They are very friendly and helpful. They can speak English well. My children have began to study English with the Volunteers from many countries 4 years ago. So I think the best time to study English for Kids is from 3 years old. English is the most popular language around the word. -Unfortunately, English education in public school in Vietnam is not good. Students just practice doing Grammar exercise, they can’t improve their speaking in right way. The children in Vietnam are not self-confident because they don’t have so many chances to communicate with the foreigners, and also they are not taught the life’s skills. -In our area, There are so many chilren from low income families and low paid workers. If they want to study English in the English center, they have to pay with the high cost. It’s very difficult to find the foreign teacher teaching English for students . Students don’t have so many chances to study with the foreign teachers, especially native teachers. They are not confident enough to speak English, they get the problem in critical thinking in English. I hope that I can help them with all my effort. - My project name is Better education. My organisation is Better education and agriculture. My organisation is social enterprise The project is aimed at creating opportunities to learn English with the speaking English teachers for children in rural areas of Binh Duong province . Vietnamese English teachers here are not good at speaking skills and especial in pronunciation . We thought that through learning English with the speaking teachers, the children will be equipped with English skills that help them to grasp better job opportunities when they become adults. The volunteer always be treated as a member of the family. You will enjoy a welcoming homestay with us. It will be easy for you to understand and learn about Vietnamese people and culture through living with local people in one house.

We are looking for Volunteers to help Vietnamese Children study English. The kids will be from 4-14 years old. All of them are children from working families. The volunteers will help them by teaching English to them. Each class will have a Vietnamese assistant to control the kids. They are also Vietnamese volunteers. They are very friendly and useful. I have all the reading and learning material for the kids which volunteers will use to help teach. I usually assist the volunteers on how to teach if the volunteers haven’t taught English before. I have a computer for volunteers to use, flashcards, printer, paper, etc. All the parents of the kids are very friendly. Sometimes they give you fruit and vegetables that they planted. Sometimes you can go on a picnic with the kids, the kids will show you many places here. Volunteers will stay together in the “Volunteer House” next door. We provide a big room with a double bed and two smaller rooms with a single bed each. I will offer 2meals a day or about 100USD/month for you to prepare the food by yourself . I usually buy food such as: meat, fish, chicken, eggs, vegetable, put in the fridge so the Volunteers can cook together or you can go to the supermartket , convenient store around here to buy .... I usually teach the Volunteers how to cook Vietnamese food when I have free time. There are so many different delicious foods here in Vietname. I get very happy seeing volunteers enjoy the food I have taught. All the foods are fresh and healthy. On days off we can prepare the small parties/gatherings. My assistants will help you to go to some famous places around the town to visit. If I have free time I will go with you. There is one motorbike and one bicycle here available for volunteers. You can drive by yourself to see many cultural and historic places, beautiful beaches, natural reserve around here. I will teach you Vietnamese Vietnam is a tropical country, so we have many kinds of fruits. All of them are very fresh and tasty. I hope in the future, I will have a small farm. International volunteer teachers can experience a peaceful life on the farm with all the foods provided from the farm. The kids will also experience growing foods on the farm besides their learning.


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We had an amazing experience!
The family is very friendly,  Levy and Gao are the best kids!

The Team was always available to help us and the material for the class was prepared in advance. We taught English to kids from 5 to 11 years old, and for sure we will miss hearing them say "Hello Teacher!".

We were living in a volunteer's house and we had fresh Vietnamese meals every day. We also had a motorbike available at all times.  

Thanks for having us.
This is an experience that we will never forget!
We hope to work with you in the future!

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This was our first Worldpackers experience and we couldn't be more pleased to be here.
The family is very friendly and Levy and Gao are SUPER hosts!! It was great to be part of this educational project. The Starlight Team was always available to help us and the material for the class was prepared in advance. We were teaching kids from 5 to 11 years old, and we will miss hearing them say Hello Teacher! We were living in a volunteer house and we had fresh meals every day. Thanks for having us, looking forward to crossing paths again.

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We had an amazing experience volunteering. The host is amazing, we liked them so much. They are so friendly, and easy going.
We had a private room with our own bathroom and all the meals every day.
We had a motorcycle to use, which was great.
Teaching english to kids was really easy. They are so smart and it was fun working with them.
This was an amazing experience, where we had a chance to live with the lokals, teach english, and had time to visit all the tourist spots. If that is something you are looking for then this is a place for you.
Thank you so much for having us!

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Ms Hue and the team at Starlight are wonderful! If you're looking for a fun, interactive and educational experience this is the place for you. We spent three weeks here and did many things including: teaching 3 different age groups, learning about local culture as well as visiting many cool sights! Couldn't recommend this experience enough.

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Really disappointing experience, because even if the host and the family were very cool and polite to me, the project is not what's announced. It's not a social project and it has nothing to do with "helping children from single mother families, children from poor families and low paid workers in rural areas of Binh Duong province that are unable to afford for English courses in other English Centers". All the student's parents are paying a lot of money for the English classes and the travelers are volunteering for this company. If you agree with this situation, the project is ok for you.

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Ms Anna respondeu

You just stayed here 3 weeks. How much do you know about us? You said: All the students's parents paid a lot of money for English class. Do you have something to show me How much????. And Please tell me Why you have good food everyday?, the Visa fee, accommodation. Do you know Why I have the fund to buy clothes for Kids in Orphange. You are 47 years old already but You thought like a baby.

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