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My house is in a good neighborhood (safe, well located and quiet), where you can walk to Icaraí beach in 20 minutes. It's a bay beach, so it doesn't have clean water, but you can play sports there. Just 5 minutes away, you will find supermarkets, drugstores and bars. If you want to go to Rio, just walk 10 minutes to the bus stop. By uber it will be less than 40 minutes outside peak hours to Lapa, for approximately R$ 40 (reais).

Worldpackers will have a private room, good internet connection and plenty of free time to enjoy the city. I am willing to accompany you on some outings and if you also love nature, maybe we can take small trips together.


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Lucas hosted me very generously in his home and we had really good conversations. he took me to have the most amazing view of the sunset!
Even though my stay was short, I really enjoyed it and I am thankful having stayed there!

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Lucas is a great guy! Living together with him and learning English together is real fun. If you are looking for an experience in Rio - Niteroi that is different to the hostel life, apply at Lucas!!
I definitely enjoyed the time I was staying with Lucas.

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Lucas is an easygoing person, he was always looking for something fun to do or a place to visit. I learned a bit of slacklining, footvolley and went to a samba show! English classes are very flexible depending on his shifts. I highly recommend to visit him. Thanks a lot!

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Lucas is a laidback, generous guy. We had many quality, in-depth conversations and he made it effortless. He's very flexible depending on his or your schedule. The highlight of the trip was joining him for a friend's birthday/Festa Junina where I got to meet tons of locals from different backgrounds (thank you!) He went out of his way to offer food or a ride back from Rio on his commutes to Niterói, but his house is also well-located on a quiet street about a 30-minute walk from the ferry to Praça XV in Rio (R8 each way by boat, or a R45 Uber if not during morning or evening rush hour).

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