MyWay Kite&Surf School & Hotel

La familia “My Way” te da todas las herramientas necesarias para desempeñarte en todas las áreas (hotel, escuela, bar y restaurant)
Podrás crecer junto a nosotros aprendiendo de todas las actividades que están a nuestros alcance. Tenemos gente capacitada que te podrá enseñar el funcionamiento de todas nuestras áreas, podrás contar con nosotros para lo que necesites. No solo como un buen team, somos una familia

Nuestro equipo es mas bien una familia que te ayudara en todo lo que necesites, respetando tu tiempo de trabajo y tus descansos. Enseñándote a desempeñarte en la área que mas te acomode. Estamos ubicado en un lugar bastante tranquilo, rodeados de agua y mucho verde, tenemos un parque a unos minutos y la playa cercana. Nuestros integrantes contagian la alegría y buena energía

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Nova Zelândia


My Way is an amazing place to volunteer if you love water sports such as kiting and surfing. There is a great team of volunteers and workers, and it has the potential to be an amazing volunteering experience. However, most of the time, all the fun and enjoyment is lost due to the owner creating a stressful work environment. I really hope things improve in the future but I cannot see this happening unless the owner makes some real changes to his leadership style and stops blaming everyone else but himself when things go wrong.

5 horas atrás

Nova Zelândia


MyWay should be an incredible volunteering spot as you have access to a lot of equipment which you can use for free, the people are amazing, and there are always fun activities happening. But the reality was different to what I expected.

- The expectation to work is 36+ hrs (worldpackers says 32)

- The main form of ‘payment’ for your time is kite surfing, but this was hard to come by. In the first month I only kited once, and in the entire 2 months I went 8 or 9 times.

- The communication is unprofessional. As an example, threats were made to the entire team on a group chat.

2 dias atrás



At a surface level this volunteering was good - a great bunch of people were volunteering and working there! However, the place was unfortunately poorly managed. Volunteer roles were very unclear - working more than the agreed 6 hours per day. For not wanting to work more than this, we were threatened with lawyers and the police. I also never had the opportunity to learn to kite surf properly even though that was the incentive to do so many hours. Personally I would not recommend this experience.

2 dias atrás



MyWay has great potential to be a fun place to volunteer where you can surf, kite etc. This unfortunately didn’t happen. We only had one kite lesson then we were expected to teach ourselves (dangerous!). We worked over the agreed 36h per week and still got told off. The owner was incredibly rude and dysfunctional, he even threatened to call the police and lawyers and attempted to charge us volunteers over €1500 for our stay for not working 12 hour back to back shifts. Unfortunately all the negatives far outweigh the positives, I would not recommend this location to volunteer.

2 dias atrás



MyWay, a community of lovers of watersports from everywhere. The most particular volunteership I did. I surfed for the 1st time, did SUP, and took kitesurfing lessons (I wish I could have taken more). I won’t lie: it was a caothic experience for moments, stress and disorganization most of the weeks. Anyways, we spoke about problems to find solutions. They need to work in a better communication. I had bonfire, music, sunset surf sessions, collective meals, day-trips, parties, private room. Thank you Laura, Matthias, Stephie, my colleagues and kitchen crew. Overall, it was amazing ❤️

10 dias atrás

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