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Free accommodation, free living facilities... ......... Hi ,we are Nam Chau Edu - we are currently running a homestay for Vietnamese students to live and study German in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are looking for some volunteers who are native speaker of GERMAN, or anyone who are fluent in German Our aims are to provide a friendly cultural exchange environment for everyone, especially Vietnamese students to live, study, interact and communicate almost in German. This offer is free, so in exchange we would like to ask for your help to spend your time practicing with local people who are living here, joining some of our activities and somehow do some cultural studies. We can offer you essential facilities like bed, air-con, bathroom, kitchen,... as well as many other activities like soccer match, coffee talk, movie night, camping,...Beside, during the staying time here, you will be able to observe, study and experience a common Vietnamese lifestyle with local people here. So if you are on a trip in Hanoi, you want to know more about people here, and moreover, you want to join a energetic young living enviroment, why don't you dropping me a message to book a bed in our place?

I have used to study in Germany for couple of years and understood how important Germany language is and I have also worked hard with learning Germany for my work. Thus, for me, Germany is the key to open the future success! At the same time, my student love learning Germany very much, but it is not easy to find a good environment for them to practice Germany in my country. Thus, I and my wife decided to open this volunteering Germany class (Non-Profit) for my student and their friends to which they can have a good opportunity to speak Germany naturally as a native speaker, taking a first important step to their successful future! We are thoroughly happy with this project as we can spend more time with my kids and help others within our efforts.


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