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We love and respect all volunteers . Our volunteers will be treated democratically, they will be given chances to choose what to do without going against the rules of our country. Volunteers will be free to visit other attractive places in Tanzania during weekends. They will also be given local SIM cards as an offer as well as free Swahili language course.

My name is Dickson Nkwabi, a teacher professionally holding a Bachelor's Degree with Education (BAED) from St. John's University of Tanzania. I'm the founder and Executive Director of Nihurumie Child Group Organization. My fellow staff members are also teachers by professional. We use our profession to support Vulnerables in Mwanza city,Tanzania. We assure our volunteers to be treated fairly and democratically since we believe in fairness.


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There isn’t anything negative to say about my experience with NCG. Dickson was always able to solve any issues or problems that arises (very quickly). He took me on excursions and tours around town to explore and learn the culture. I do suggest that if you don’t know Swahili you learn. There is very little English spoken and the communication between people can get very difficult sometimes.
Overall the experience with the children at the school I went to was amazing, I miss them already.

2 meses atrás

Dickson respondeu

Welcome 🤗 back Jayli, we also miss you.



Accomodation was an issue. They didn't provide accomodation as stated on their profile. We agreed on copaying for a place, but I felt as if they were trying to make money off me, in the name of "accomodation". So I decided to cut short my stay with them.

3 meses atrás

Dickson respondeu

Hi, I would like to respond to the complaints of our volunteer Natasha as follows; The complaints posted here are not true, we lived with Natasha very happily as brothers and sister. The bedroom challenge that she is talking about, I talked to her even before she came to Tanzania about that challenge and how to solve it. Natasha understood us and agreed to come to Tanzania knowing the challenge. The leadership can go back to the messages we were chatting on this World Packers platform. When she arrived in Tanzania, we received her, when we told her the procedures we discussed before she came, she changed, claiming she could not implement them. We had to not bother her as our guest, we fulfilled our duty to her including taking him to different historical places at our expense with the photos she has. She Just be a little grateful. Our hostel had one room that needed to be renovated and that's what Natasha wanted to dwell in and the owner of the house has already fixed it and it is ready for use. Until now we have volunteers and we are doing well with them and on Saturday this week we are taking them to explore the Serengeti National Park. We will share photos. If you have any doubts, we are ready to provide you with the contact information of our volunteers. I also advise, volunteers who come to us, their safety is under us. So it's not good to be paranoid, you find a volunteer drinking alcohol with people he/she doesn't know, she's taken by people She doesn't know, She's taken to places She doesn't know without us having any information. EVEN IF YOU WERE THE ONES WOULD YOU TOLERATE? If She gets into trouble, are we not the ones being blamed? and we don't want that to happen. All these were also the characteristics of Natasha. If anyone wants to know about us, they should contact our volunteers who we have so far here in Tanzania. Thank you🙏

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