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What i do is something very pleasant, i work with plants, that i pick around Sicily, to do natural cosmetics for the body. We can learn a lot from nature. I do also some preparation for the inside of the body, to prevent or cure different problems. I normally sell my products in different markets around Sicily, mostly in Palermo.

I'm looking for someone who can come in Palermo where i live, helping me doing my products at home that i selling at the market. It would be nice to have someone who knows about yoga and meditation, so that i can improve myself or someone that have some skill on instagram and social networks, to improve my on line selling, but of course other skills are also very welcomed, thank you!


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My stay with Fabri, Ciccio, and Neo pensiero, has been more than an experience. Something that I take with me forever and with which I have learned a lot of things, apart from meeting wonderful people and local customs, it has helped me to know myself more.
Thank you Fabri for welcoming me into your house and making me feel at home.

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My experience with Fabrizio was very good. Fabrizio is a very chilled and kind. He lives in a beautiful and comfortable house in Mondello. He introduced me to all his wonderful friends. I had a great time !

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Nice experience with Fabrizio and Ciccio 😊

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This was my first work exchange experience and it was really wonderful!
Fabri is a great host with a beautiful home and a sweet dog. He is very welcoming and will invite you to hang out with him and his friends. Either he will cook for you or you can ask him to get groceries and cook for yourself.
Fabri is flexible when it comes to hours worked, he just expects you to respect the exchange and work about 4-5 hours a day 5 days a week. I was managing his social media and helping to run his Etsy business, but as there currently is not consistent WiFi I also helped around the house and garden.

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Increíble !! Fabrizio es lo más y su perro chicho es un amor. Definitivamente es una experiencia muy recomendable, además de hacer los jabones hicimos pasta dental y oleos para el cabello. El trabajo es tranquilo y queda mucho tiempo para disfrutar de San Vito que es un lugar precioso. Muchas gracias por todo Fabrizio!!

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