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A traveler should choose to volunteer at our place because a traveler will benefit from a cultural exchange in brief from gaining temporary staff who usually recommend the travelers to their family/friends and also return in the future to travel which continues to boost the economy. The cultural exchange will give visitors to Tanzania the chance to tour tribal areas to meet the people and experience their traditional way of life. Through the programmes and projects, a traveler also experiences indigenous attractions and scenery of rural Tanzania. For the Traveler who wants to meet fishermen, cultivators, local minors, wildlife scouts, rainmakers and story-tellers, the land between Serengeti and Lake Victoria is the place to be because our organization is in Mwanza Region and neighboring regions are Geita to the west, Shinyanga to the south, and Simiyu to the east. Furthermore, Lake Victoria borders the region's northern frontier, thus a traveler will be able to get a chance to learn the local culture, language and even learn how to prepare different foods that have a natural Tanzanian. A traveler will also have the opportunity to take a boat trip in Victoria zone. We will also be able to connect travelers to our partners who are tourist companies to visit many different tourist sites (tourist attractions). A Traveler could 1. Learn More About Tanzania When living in Tanzania you will get to integrate into the local culture, experience what the country and people are like and see places you have probably only seen before on television. You will also get to meet local people and tell them about your country. These types of cross-cultural exchanges really are beneficial for all people involved. 2. Make New Friends You will get to meet locals and other participants from all over the world. You will form strong bonds working alongside other people and thousands of people from many different countries. 3.Boost Your Career This is one of the most important things, you will get to build professional relationships, learn from experienced staff and boost your CV. When you apply for jobs in the future and you have the experience of working with the local community in the United Republic of Tanzania on your CV this will look amazing to prospective employers who generally look at this experience in a very positive light. 4.Personal Development It is no slight thing to come and work in Tanzania independently, you will build self-confidence and self-esteem which are some of the most underrated things to happen when on a cultural exchange. There are so many things you will also improve including adaptation, flexibility, you will learn Swahili, You will also get a sense of accomplishment when you complete an experience(certificate). They will also receive the benefits of accommodation (housing), access the internet and free computers all the time they are in our office doing various activities. Also, we offer the following awards to volunteers at the end; 1.Certificate of appreciation 2. Certificate of volunteering 3.Volunteering recommendation letter (on request) During the weekends, a traveler has free time to relax or take the opportunity to explore Mwanza, wider Tanzania and Eastern Africa. Long weekends can be taken to travel further afield (Lake Manyara-Serengeti-Ngorongoro Crater-Tarangire) or to embark on a safari. Sunday is a religious day of rest. If you wish, you can accompany your host family to their local church, as a Tanzania church service is a unique and special experience for many volunteers. Mwanza -Tanzania is an incredible place steeped in culture and beauty - don't miss out on some of the coolest sights in Africa! If you have an idea of which area you would like to volunteer in, even if it was not mentioned above, let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available. All we need and care about is to serve and help the community. even if we are already 4 full-time employed, with your skills in languages and your fresh perspective as a volunteer from another country, we think you can really contribute to make a big difference and to help our organization grow.

I always get involved and listen to my staff each of us has the right to be heard and to contribute towards our common goal. Our organization is warm, friendly, helpful and happy to see volunteers. My staff and I are very loving people and we serve everyone as one of us. The volunteer should expect to be well served and heard whenever he/she presents his/her thought to us. We always offer flexibility to our volunteers as well because volunteers are offering up their free time to assist in our projects and programs. We believe with every volunteer we have we can learn the good from him/her and he /she learned the good from us.


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Micky and my host, Bibi were absolutely amazing. I learned a lot about the society in Tanzania and had the opportunity to contribute to a really great cause. The people at the school are doing great work and it was a pleasure to be able to help them for a few weeks. Highly recommended for the growth and exposure you will get after this experience

2 meses atrás

Micky respondeu

Asante Sana kaka!!! All I can say is thank you for your love, we had a great time with you.



I really liked the experience of getting to know this part of Tanzania, the people are very friendly and they received me very well, I made many friends. the place is a bit rural and you can connect with nature and the vision of the projects they work for is very beautiful. I totally recommend it. hugs.

3 meses atrás

Micky respondeu

Thank you Cristina for volunteering with us and showing great love to everyone..See you next time!



Micky and the staff are doing great work for the children. I could teach the kids gym class in the morning. The volunteer house is well mantained and it has a lot of space to work with the kids. Good luck!

quase 3 anos atrás

Micky respondeu

We are so grateful for your kindness to us all the time you had with us, we remember you!! Good Luck!!!!

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