New Life Foundation

Our foundation is set in beautiful Northern Thailand. As a volunteer, you will be asked to work for two 2-hour shifts a day. Jobs include fruit picking and other agricultural tasks, taking care of our ducks, kitchen shifts, construction, recycling and more. Your preferences are taken into account so you can choose to contribute where you work best. On Mondays you will have just one shift in order to join the community workshop in the afternoon. During the weekend you will only have one 2-hour shift either Saturday or Sunday, so you can have a relaxing weekend. We have many activities every day you can join in on including yoga, meditation, dances, support groups and more. Please email us to book. We ask for a nightly fee of 750 THB that covers your private room, electricity, 3 meals a day, and all activities. As a non-profit, we offer scholarships for residents who would otherwise be unable to pay to stay longer.

New Life is a healing community made up of the residents, volunteers, guests, and staff that join us from around the world. Some stay with us for a few weeks and others for a few months or even years. Yet, despite the changing nature of our community, something remains constant throughout – a sense of openness, kindness and acceptance to all who pass through. It is our mission to create an organization where the atmosphere, environment, and all the activities help to cultivate mindfulness, and all community members share a love for learning and spiritual growth.


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New Life Foundation was my first Worldpackers’ experience and it was memorable, to say the least. Living in such a magical place with lovely people from all around the world is something that I will never forget. Thank you so much, guys!


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