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10/06-25/06 -> Looking for volunteers with experience in diy, building structures, construction work etc.

28/06-10/08 -> We are looking for two types of volunteers:
- those who would mainly like to help out in the kitchen
- those that would like to mainly stay with children

[Arrival and departure date is flexible during Camp set up and take down]
[During summer camps we prefer you guys to arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday -same as the children-]

1 week stays minimum but no more than two weeks =D

Preferably 21 years old and above.

We are looking for people of various profiles that believe in our project of Environmental Awareness for children. They need to be able to speak fluent English as we work in English Immersion with the children. When the children are not involved (creation of materials, free time with other monitors) we are more than happy for you to practice your Spanish and get immersed in our beautiful culture!

Work examples:

> At the Immersions:
- Co-monitor role (there are paid monitors that have the leading role and are responsible for the children)
- Children animation
- Accompanying at workshops/activities
- Accompanying at the kitchen cooking with children (Master-Chef)
- Childcare
- Camp duties (kitchen chores, breakfast set up, general clean up, composting...)

>Parallel work that might be during the immersions but could be also in other dates:

> Backstage:
- Website improvements
- Talented videographers / video editors / photographers
- Social media busters
- Youtubers ;D

> Creation of Materials:
- Chicken Coop
- Hydroponic systems
- Dry-toilets
- Tent repairs
- Furniture
- Compost bins
- Educational activities
- Portable garden

We are looking for responsible, dynamic and enthusiastic people that are interested in helping with children and eager to learn. Teamwork skills are essential.

We work in English Immersion so this is not a great opportunity to learn and practice Spanish.

Worldpackers suitable to join us will preferably have a background in Teaching, Psychology or Environmental Science/Education related studies to help out in our Immersions or creating sustainable materials to be used in School Workshops and/or at Camping Days.

We look for people that share our values, are nature lovers, open minded, optimistic and resourceful.

The volunteering experience is an open door to work with us. After, volunteers are entitled to apply for a job position (European passports or Working Visa holders) to join our Camps and/or Workshops.

We are, an educational alternative focused on transmitting the importance of values and environmental awareness. We get to do this through experiences of linguistic immersion in different stunning locations in Cantabria (Spain). We are a small but hard working group of people with a common goal that strongly believe in the need for a change. We are very excited to have more people joining the team so, if you fit in the description, be ready to come to Spain! All our activities are based on education in nature. Our international team of monitors/educators together with our volunteers help our project come to life and together we continue educating for a better world.


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NewPa is run by extremely friendly, collaborative, and flexible people. If you're up for learning something new, they are happy to teach you. And if you aren't comfortable with a task, they'll find something you'll enjoy doing. (For instance, me and a new Australian friend of mine learned how to weild a scythe. The grim reaper's weapon of choice ;) They also understand that life happens and you might need a few days to attend a funeral. I loved our small community of international volunteers and the monitors who made the kids' camp fun for everyone involved. I look forward to staying in touch.

7 dias atrás



I volunteer for just a week but it was clear how much passion and energy they put in their project! I felt they're not just a team but a family, and they made me feel a part of it.
The educational project was great, it teaches real and important skills to the children in fun ways.
A great experience, recommended!

1 mês atrás



Fue una hermosa semana en Santander. No tenía idea de que el norte de España estuviera tan bonito. Pude disfrutar de los paisaje hermosos mientras ayudaba con algunas labores del campamento. Siempre estuvieron muy atentos de lo que necesitará. Fueron muy generosos e hicieron que tuviera una hermosa experiencia. Moni y Rash son unos excelentes host y gracias a su equipo de trabajo fue un muy bello voluntariado. No me quedan sino ganas de volver 💞

3 meses atrás



My weeks in NewPa were amazing, I learned a lot with the team and with the kids. The energy of everyone is always incredibly and it is super important to me. I did a lot of new things, could improve my English, stayed close to the nature, and met volunteers from all of the world.
I just have to thank Rash and Moni for all the support and congratulations for this project.

12 meses atrás

Rash respondeu

We are so grateful that we crossed paths with Ana! She was such a lovely presence to have at camp. Hardworking, always looking to help and integrated well with the team and children. As a nutritionalist, she also provided valuable insight that will help us improve our Responsible MasterChef activity in the future. We hope that you join us again Ana! Good luck with all your endevours! Hugs.



Estuve en NewPa dos semanas, volví ayer y ya me gustaría volver a estar ahí. La estancia ha sido magnifica. Mi amiga y yo conectamos mucho con los alumnos y con los monitores, hicimos muy buen equipo y eso fue una de las cosas que nos hizo sentirnos en casa durante estas dos semanas. Personalmente he mejorado muchísimo mi inglés y mi conciencia sobre el medioambiente. También creo que el inglés con los alumnos a veces suponía barreras, ya que los niños no entendían algunas cosas, pero eso no ha sido un gran problema.
Nuestra estancia se resume en alegría constante. Esperamos volver pronto.

2 anos atrás

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