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En Nomads creemos que cada persona que nos visita como trabajador, voluntario o huésped merece llevarse una experiencia increíble por lo cual trabajamos todos juntos para lograr que sea así

En Nomads experience llevamos mucho tiempo trabajando con voluntarios en todas nuestras unidades en cancún e isla mujeres, siempre hemos sido muy abiertos a la gente que nos apoya, y sabemos agradecer un trabajo bien hecho


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This was my first volunteering experience abroad and I loved it! The people are kind, amazing and overall worried. The rooms are clean and the location is central and near everything you might need. The volunteers and staff are incredible and I had the best time I could possibly ask. Sometimes the tasks were not clear and communication was missing, specially related to the schedules.
I had an amazing time at Nomads, thanks to everyone!! :)

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Carlos respondeu

exit to all your proyects!



It was a fabulous experience for me. It is a way to meet people from all around the world. The hosts were very nice they can give you a free accommodation to their Isla Mujeres hostel. But for the free tours that were supposed to be a part of what they offer you , you will be asked to do some tasks in order to have them and you have to be very careful because the company they work with could try to scam you.
Also Carlos Bono from the activities seems nice at the beginning but then will talk shit behind your back (even with other volunteers) and pretend to be kind and nice at your face.

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Carlos respondeu

exit in all your proyects!

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There was a lot of pros and cons to this experience.
Pros: clean dorm, work with ppl from all over the world, lots of free time, good location, tons of activities to do
Cons: the program is unorganized, the job you apply for may not be the one you get. I did photography and there was a lack of communication in terms of what was expected of me and making sure I could properly complete tasks. The tour company they work with is very shady and has tons of reviews for scamming ppl, they make you write fake reviews for things you’ve never done. DM for specifics

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Carlos respondeu

exito en tus proyectos



Thanks Nomads for everything, Carlos, Arturo, the people from the office, from desk, all the staff, everybody was so nice, and I feel so thankful for the people and friends I made. The whole experience was amazing, the work was easy and short, I have time to enjoy the beach, the city and more. It was my first volunteering and so far so good. 🩵

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Carlos respondeu

gracias por todo!!



Muy lindo lugar, me encantaron las instalaciones, Carlos y Tatiana muy atentos y buena onda, claro que recomiendo.

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Carlos respondeu

great worker!

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