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The Nozaru hostel experience has great potential. It offers a great deal but core characteristics are missing. I recommend: Agree your shift times with the host from the beginning, so you wouldn't be very often asked to do tasks in your free time or have unexpected long days of work. The host could also improve the experience by being respectful with your learning process and request special working times/locations with more than one night before, so you can move your work/commitments to meet the request. Organization and respect together would make this experience one of the best in Japan.




the experience was good for me, and I enjoyed my stay but depending of how much volunteers are en each moment the work could be hard.




I was in Nozaru Hostel for two weeks. The owner, Atsuko, is very sweet and kind, she was always patient to explain the tasks how many times we needed.
Mostly, the work was cleaning and check-ins. It wasnt difficult but maybe you need sometime to understand how Onsen works.
The only negative point for me was having days that I couldn't go out due to having to prepare food for staff and still have hours of work, but even in these days I enjoyed my time with my friends playing ping pong and going to Onsen.
For sure, I'm gonna miss my japanese boss and friends a lot. I hope see you guys soon.




I spent one week at the hostel. The host, Atsuko san, was very nice and kind. It is a small town with traditional Japanese buildings and wonderful nature sceneries. I went to the snow monkey park( though I didn't see the monkeys) and I went skiing. Atsuko san was really kind. She lent me her ski equipments and pass ticket for the ski field. The experience was great in general, but the work was a bit much though. Usually there was 6 to
9 rooms to clean everyday. And the toilets and other things need maintenances too. I worked from 10 a.m. to around 4 p.m.




I spent here few days and the village is great if you like nature and peace. The hostel has a potential with no doubts, but it is abandoned to itself. Anna is very kind and she cooks well, even if the kitchen is a completely mess. I recommend for maximum one week, because it is a little bit hard to do things as Anna wants: cleaning with superficiality (it is almost no cleaning), organize and excel file in Japanese (Making COPY - PASTE without knowing the languages but acting meccanically, not understanding what you are doing). By the way she is nice so you can go there and try.