Nuuksio Hostel and Camping

If you are a nature lover Nuuksio Hostel & Camping is the place for you! this place is 40 mins away (by bus) from Helsinki and it is located right next to the National Park of Nuuksio. If you apply, you can join me in many nature activities, such as canoeing, hiking, fishing...

I am running this with my own, with occasional friends´ support I have been a backpacker myself: I ve been in south East Asia, Australia and in Africa three times and of course in Europe almost everywhere. I travelled almost two years non stop living as a street musician. I am a Tourist guide since 1994, so I can teach you many nature & survival stuff. I am old but very active person and like to talk with the people . I am Music teacher with classical guitar.

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It was a great experience. You'll be in a beautiful natural environment (albeit not close to urban facilities, but there's a supermarket approx. 5km away.) with a lot of flowers and plants; relaxed atmosphere in general, host is open an direct, but very kind. The tasks include weeding, gardening, taking care of guests, (maybe preparing breakfast), cutting wood, etc.
Note this was a summer stay. We had a couple of big groups so I also helped with setting up a canoeing trip to a nearby lake. Beautiful nature and TONS of lake to swim in, very close. Bikes available.

4 meses atrás


One of the best experience in my life! My boyfriend and I went together at Kai's hostel, and helped with housekeeping and taking care of the guests. Kai was very welcoming, and accomodating with the work, and we actually learned a lot. He is very friendly, but also straightforward and explicits about the work he expects from you, which is good ! We went canoing, fishing and berry picking with him, We also had time to explore the national park near by on our own. This place and the environment were amazing we loved it
If you're willing to help and a nature lover, I would highly recommend it !

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Better than a camping and than a hostel, on the border of the national park of nuksio, Kai wants to share us the traditions of the country through activities like canoeing, hiking, fishing with the clients, fed by meals around the fire and his advice on him and on the park. He is amateur of trail in all Finland. He was volonteer to help us to organize our 2 weeks, he is very flexible on working hours and we even went to Estonia for 3 days and do some camping in the park! In fact we didn't really realised that we were working there because he did so much for us to feel us like at home.

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Wonderful experience! I built a new site for Kai and helped a bit with housekeeping, and in exchange I had free food and my own room (and of course the almighty SAUNA!). Working hours are very flexible, sometimes I also joined activities such as hiking and canoeing. The location is just wonderful for nature lovers. Kai is a good guy that can teach you a lot of nature and survival stuff. The experience went so good that we eventually agreed on prolonging my stay for 10 days more. Highly recommended for everyone (also because Hostels and everyday things in Finland are very expensive).

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Kai respondeu

Thanks Mirco! I will call you when i am going to lapland for hiking or canoeing with little group.

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