NYC Guest House

My name is Billy and I have a few apartments in Manhattan and Jersey City. I'm looking for someone who could help me with taking care of managing and maintaining it. I currently rent them out to travelers from all over the world via online sites and we need someone to greet them, clean the room, do laundry, gather supplies, etc. This opportunity is unique because you get to live in the best part of the best city in the world. In the past, we have had many guests from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, etc. They came from all cross of life and all size and shape. You will meet very interesting people such as CEO of sound cloud, CEO and founders of Code monkey, Executives from Brooks Brothers, etc all of which have stay with me in the past. In return for your assistance and you will get to meet very cool people, a shared room to stay in with other people like yourself and a mobile phone number so you could contact the guest. I'm expecting about 25 hours of help a week. It's a great deal since you live right near Manhattan in Jersey City which is nice place. We are also close to the subway to NYC (Just 10 minutes ride to World Trade Center). You will stay 1 street from the subway station to NYC and it is in a safe area so you will be happy. I used to be a tour guide too so I could definitely give you tips and advise on where to go and how to save money while learning about NYC. This is perfect for travelers who wants to explore the city and enjoy life a bit. Feel free to contact me. Thanks.

I'm an easy going guy but I'm also fair. I expect things to be perform and I'll keep my promise and expect the return to be the same. If you are not sure of your plan, then this might not be perfect for you. You should be committed to the work and expectation if you apply, thanks

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