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WE are ecovillage, we strive to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. We are passionate about promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. At our ecovillage, we offer a relaxed and welcoming environment, with accommodation and food provided. We also provide a unique opportunity to get involved in a community committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We have so many rooms here, so anyone can have a private room with the bathroom inside. The volunteer can play at several different games during the free time, like: basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping-pong, soccer table and many others. It's a place to grow together but also to have fun together. Our Vision: A world where we compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment. Our Mission: To accelerate the transition that needs to happen in regards to health, work, community & resources on the personal, cultural and social level to secure optimal living conditions for ourselves and future generations. Our Aim: To be a living example of the new paradigm and an Oasis for people, who want to heal themselves, live more sustainably and contribute to the new world.

Our volunteers are like brother and sister for us. We try to do the best for them! We like to leave the volunteers free to choose their place in this project.


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It was my first volunteering experience, I travelled with my boyfriend. The best part of the experience was the people! We created and amazing team to work and also to enjoy doing different activities (pingpong, bádminton, basketball...). Really nice relationship with both hosts, Kristiane and John, and in general with the hole community.
You need to be aware that they follow a macrobiotic diet, mostly vegan, so it's important for you to know where you are going (In my personal opinion, I am not vegetarian, but for me was good anyway).
It was a really nice learning experience!!!

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