Ochard Cottage Roses

A beautiful garden setting on the Mornington Peninsula a well-known tourist destination amongst vineyards and close proximity to the ocean. A few smaller shopping centres within 10km range.

A knowledgeable rose lady of many years running a small successful business. Keen to share gardening and local area expertise. A very social work environment with a small number of staff. And friendly customers.


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This is the best experience I have had with worldpackers and Ailsa is just an amazing person and host. She is witty and caring and really makes every day worthwhile there.
The work is okay, you get to take care of plants and do some gardening as well as other tasks around the house.
Definitely recommend to everyone 🤍

7 meses atrás



The Cottage was very nice, its a great place with a fantastic view, near a nice city on the coast.
That being said, Working for Ailsa has its ups and downs, she is very aggressive and gives some toxic comments when she thinks you cant hear her, screams and is very prejudice in general. Also from all the people that I heard, they all say that all she does is complain, which I can confirm. But she also has her good days, where she jokes around and laughs and knows that she hasnt behaved to well. She will show you around the peninsula and some other places, but dont expect to see to many people.

9 meses atrás

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