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Great location: between Osaka and Kyoto [you can go sightseeing in both places]. Perfect starting point for your new journey in Japan. Most of our former resident who wanted to stay longer in Japan eventually found jobs while staying with us.

Our business is over 50 years old and have a reputation to keep. Thus, we would like to have folks who can set a good example to our residents. [In other words, no immature people] If you are punctual, respectful, diligent, and approachable, we will do our best to keep you happy.

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Staying at OEH was great! I am actually staying one more month :)
The hours are fair and the environment is very chill.
Until now it's been a calm place, there's not a lot going on, but it's close to Osaka and Kyoto, so there's always something to do if you want!
Everyone is friendly and welcoming, I even made some friends 😊

3 meses atrás



OEH was my first worldpackers experience and I had a great time. I worked two hours a day cleaning the house, and was free to spend the rest of my time however I pleased (e.g. exploring the Kansai area). The staff and residents are really kind and helpful and made me feel at home. The town itself is comparatively smaller, but gives good insight/helps to immerse oneself in japanese culture and there is always something to do, as my new friends would invite me to things or show me around.
I highly recommend the experience!
Thanks for having me :)

5 meses atrás



OEH is a great choice for travelers looking to discover Kansai. The work is easy, a simple two-hour task, the atmosphere is nice, and the Japanese students living there are really friendly. The staff was great too. Plus, it's conveniently located between Kyoto and downtown Osaka. Highly recommended!

7 meses atrás

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My time at the Osaka English House was an unforgettable experience. As others said, the work is incredibly easy. The residents living there already pick up after themselves, so you’re essentially just keeping the house clean a couple hours a day by vacuuming, wiping surfaces, and just small general cleaning tasks. Then I spent my third hour each day writing about my day on social media, whether about my adventures in Japan or interactions with the residents. The residents/my new friends would often invite me out to dinner or events with them, which made my time even better. Thank you!!

9 meses atrás

Bill respondeu

Feel free to come back in the near future. Cheers

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This was one of my most relaxing experiences in Japan with just the perfect local vibe. The Work is very REASONABLE. Bill asked us to do basic house keeping for 1 hour during the weekdays and for the rest of the time we worked on side projects to benefit the house. The house is a great conduit to speak with natives and the international residents .They make you feel at home and connected to Hirakatashi.

10 meses atrás

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