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The work was easy enough, the hours are a lie, you will always have to work more, the profile states 20 hours a week but it is minimum 25 hours a week, most of the time it is more time, the profile states food but that is the biggest lie, there is nothing offered, the things that the profile offers are a complete lie, the only true thing is that you get one day off a week, you can use the kitchen and laundry, everything else does not exist, the work is not hard but the lies from the host make everything worse, do not go here, read the other reviews, save yourself

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I loved the beach, the guests and other volunteers, on the other hand, it's really nothing like the app, there's no food and it's open 24 hours a day. The work is easy, but you end up spending more than planning. The room doesn't have a fan, and it's very hot, there are also fleas, my body is covered in seeds. There are things to improve, but it's acceptable volunteering. It was a pleasure meeting the guys!

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Son 25 horas semanales
No existe el almuerzo ni ningún beneficio.
Hay chinches , esta muy mal organizado
Es un caos , no lo recomiendo en lo absoluto
Es el primer hostal y la primera vez que pongo una reseña negativa en un albergue, mi experiencia fue de terror. En 7 años viajando nunca vi algo así

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The experience in Tarragona was not as I expected. Although I met new people and got to know the city, which was very nice, the work in the hostel was a little bit confusing. We were four volunteers and we very pretty much on our own, because Edurne was not around a lot. Despite that, she started to complain at the end, even though we did everything in the hostel. She is a nice and kind woman but it seemed that she was a bit overstrained and chaotic with handling everything.
You should also note that there’s no lunch and the work is 24h per week.
It’s a nice place to stay and work at though

3 meses atrás

Edurne respondeu

Hi! We just open again the hostel, and as I couldn't be there a lot, I just open3, 4 or 5 beds per day, so you can manage it and you were friends from the begining.

The job was so clear, keep it clean and attend this few guests, not a lot of work at all. That's why I complain when day after day I saw it dirty with almost no guests.



The other volunteers were super nice, Tarraagona was beautiful and the location was great! The hostel could need some work though. The guest rooms ceiling fans didn’t work and only sometimes had one fan for an 8 person bedroom for example.
Edurne was also nice but kinda unorganised and the communication about work hours and to do’s could’ve been clearer and led to a couple of misunderstandings.
The description on the worldpackers page also didn’t match the actual situation.
The work hours were 24h a week, not 20, plus there was no lunch included and no tours or trips offered of any kind.

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