We came to Tavira and we just felt so quickly in love with the city and its region that we decided to buy a house. You know the kind of thinking you might have when you travel somewhere and you hypothetically think ... hey it could be nice to live here isn't it ? Well, we step up and decided to concretize our dreams.
Aside from the historical and cultural heritage of the city, the nature has been also very generous with the region. Beach, sun, mountains, natural reserves, cycling paths... to not forget all fresh food readily made available by mother nature.

To summarize : It is just "easy" to have a sustainable lifestyle here.

This would be our first experience as a host but we have plenty of experience in volunteering in different countries. Now we want to give the chance to others to volunteer in a place like Tavira that we believe to be really enjoyable. On one side, we work remotely during the working days. Our jobs have a high social and/or environmental impact and this keeps us quite busy. On the other side, we want to have also a positive and sustainable impact on the local community here in Tavira. This is the essence of our house renovation project, and this is why we decided to live in the centre of Tavira rather than in the countryside. Indeed, we are very social persons, any place where we have been living, we learned the language because we think this is the only way to truly connect on a deeper level. For these reasons, our goal is to transform our house in an environment where it will be possible to share moments and ideas with any person willing to open him/her/them self. We think this reflects basically the way volunteers can expect to be treated here...

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