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Are you looking for changes in your life. You like to live and work with other people. You want to grow spiritually, to find out more about yourself and to understand better why you are here on this planet. Our Place is a cultural association and a meditation center as well as a space for personal growth groups. It includes a small biological farm of 6 hectares situated at the foot of the Macchia della Magona and is 7 kms away from the Mediterranean Sea along the wine route to Bolgheri. The main activities are the meditation center and farming. Often we are a group of friends who wish to live together in harmony, friendship and meditation. We are 2 people sharing the place with many friends helping. It is a beautiful nature spot. We produce olive oil, jam, herb salt and firewood for our own consumption. Your help is needed all year round, in springtime for the pruning of 250 olive trees and 50 fruit trees and in autumn for the harvest of the olives. We are tending a herb garden and produce every year marmalades, mainly figs. In the colder season, we are cutting firewood in the forest for heating the houses. Our beautiful park with ancient trees needs some grass cutting. Further jobs to be done include maintenance like small repairs and painting, helping with and learning vegetarian and traditional Italian cooking. Some help with cleaning is needed. We are glad when you introduce the new helpers. We offer accommodation in small wooden houses on your own. In the colder season, you will have a shared room in the house with attached bathroom and a wood stove. We offer three meals a day. We cook vegetarian and eat communally. You can participate in active and silent meditations and watch Osho discourses and receive individual reiki, ayurvedic or counseling sessions. Your stay should last at least 2 weeks, or longer if you fit into the center's lifestyle. Sometimes you will be surrounded by many people and sometimes by a few. Two days a week you have off. We suggest bringing good shoes. We speak Italian, English, German and French and have an Internet connection. You can learn about life, meditations, living with others, maintenance of houses, farming like pruning olive- and fruit trees, producing olive oil, herbsalt and marmelade, gardening, vegetarian cooking and nature. You can participate in active and silent meditations, watch Osho discourses and receive individual reiki, ayurvedic or counseling sessions

We are caring for Osho Nirvesha since more than 30 years. We care for people with respect and love. Sometimes we are only a few , sometimes more.


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Can’t thank dhara and samarona enough for this opportunity! They are very open minded and flexible, thus allowing you to communicate which tasks you would like to help them with. The place itself is so beautiful and peaceful - the pictures don’t do it justice. The food was also great, and eating all the meals together made me feel at home🥹

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Dhara and Samarona were an absolute joy ! This was my first volunteer opportunity and I would come back in a heartbeat. They have a variety of tasks that can be done, cleaning and cooking, aswell as working outside in the garden and houses, which I absolutely enjoyed getting to learn new things in different aspects. They are very flexible with days off and very understanding with any issues and/or problems. Can't thank them enough for this opportunity

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Dhara and Samarona were so welcoming, this was my first volunteer experience and I’m so thankful to have met them both. We had lots of laughs together and I learnt so much in my two weeks. I will definitely come back to volunteer for longer next time! This Meditation Centre is looked after so well and there is so much to see and help with. It was like a little family for two weeks ❤️ thank you Dhara and Samarona for looking after me!

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Esta experiencia no fue lo que esperábamos, nos sentimos incómodos con los hosts. La primera noche nos dijeron que los gestos de educación como preguntar "how are you?" o agradecer por la cena eran hipócritas, así que no sabíamos realmente qué decir. Para ser un centro de meditación, se estresan bastante fácil si haces algo mal, incluso si no te lo explicaron bien. Además, en las pocas conversaciones que tuvimos, querían hacernos preguntas incómodas. Quizás simplemente las personalidades no congeniaron. La comida es bastante buena. El trabajo tampoco es difícil, son flexibles con los días off.

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I really enjoyed my time volunteering at the meditation center. Dhara and Samarona are very nice people who are also understanding and honest. I learned a lot about cooking, gardening, meditating, and living away from the city. Dhara and Samarona were very flexible with days that I wanted to take off; during my time there I was able to take a few days off to visit Florence and ski in Turin!

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