Ostello Bello Firenze

You should choose to volunteer with us because its a great way to get your foot in the door to the hospitality industry - if that's what you're looking for! Even if not, volunteering with us isn't just about the work. You'll have so much free time to explore our magical city and get to know people from all over the world. We're sure you'll walk away with memories for life and we'll be so happy to help you create those unforgettable moments!

Any volunteer here is treated like everyone else - a friend and a family member. All of us work together as team to create that relationship between our working staff as well as our guests. This isn't your usual hostel. It's truly a second home!

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I had the most amazing time in Ostello. The guys are awesome and felt like I made very good friends <3

The tasks were fun, but maybe sometimes the shift was a bit long - even if it's only 5 hours long, sometimes you finish early and they will give you more tasks to fill the time. BUT you get a loooot of free food and a very comfy bed.

The dorm is just for volunteers and not the kind of dorm we see in the photos, but it's cozy.

I'm gonna miss Ostello!

3 meses atrás

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Ostello bello is my home away from home! From the first day I arrived I was welcomed into the hostel family! Big shout out to Elia, Rhian, Daryl, Simone, and Ginny for making my time as a volunteer fun and interesting! The social work is so much fun and you get to meet so many travelers! My only regret is that I cannot stay longer with my ostello bello family! ❤️

6 meses atrás



Ostello Bello is my house! For that reason I came back here to work again after 5 months, I love the hostel vibe and the events we need to make, they are super fun! The staff members are so sweet and helpful, specially Rhian. She is the one who makes that hostel working in a level that no one else could. I recommend this hostel if you want to have a good time in Italy 🇮🇹 thank you Ostello Bello, see u soon. P.S.: Questa casa non è un albergo!!

6 meses atrás



All the team of Ostello Bello was great! I enjoy a lot helping and being part of it.
They were anytime available and kind. The hostel is beautiful and it has a very good vibe which is reflected on the guest also.
I'm very grateful for this experience, and I'm totally recommending to everyone who is thinking of doing it.
Thank you guys for everything ❤️ hope to see you soon again!

7 meses atrás

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Volunteering as the Nightly Activities Coordinator/Host at Ostello Bello Firenze was a joyful, fulfilling, and uplifting experience that I will NOT forget.

Claudio, Carlotta, and the entire team made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and valuable from the first day. And they were very gracious and understanding with the reasonable work schedule as well as allowing me to provide input and feedback to help improve the nightky events.

As the events host I enjoyed leading various activities (beer pong, karaoke, game night, pizza night, and trivia) and played a critical role in uniting the guests.

11 meses atrás

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