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We are new, (starting renovations august 2018, come and give us a hand) opening sometime late september (give us a hand it will happen faster) . We are located in an alternative location but still close to the flea market and beach of Jaffa, we definitely plan to have fun because that is what hostel life is all about. You will have a chance to be part of the making of this place.

We already opened a couple of backpackers hostels so we know what is important and how to manage the team. We are family. and we enjoy working together on the hostel, welcoming guests and just going to the beach.

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It was my first time as a volunteer, at the beginning I was so afraid and nervous for my next three weeks there, But this team “Omer, Adir, kira, Levi” they made everything more easy an exciting for me, They were so kind with me, very welcoming As persons and how as hosts.
we worked so hard all together to finish the amazing and super modern hostel that is already open to all the world and ready to receive everyone :)
I’m so happy and thankful with them, that I’m start thinking that I’ll miss them :) haha. I would love to return ! I recommend this hostel to everyone :)

11 dias atrás

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