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We are a tourism agency that wants to impact the community where it has experienced, creating a positive impact while bringing also tourism to these areas. As an owner, I traveled to 16 countries before starting this business so if you want to travel, you can learn many things here, but the experience is important also, so both sides can learn from this volunteer opportunity.

You will be treated very well and have a private and very comfortable volunteer opportunity, that's why we look for volunteers with experience so they can help us and we can help them enjoy this beautiful city.


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O local era confortável, porém acredito que não houve uma comunicação clara sobre as tarefas e trabalho. Ao me candidatar para a vaga eu disse o quanto sabia e que eu não era uma expertise no assunto, depois ele veio questionar sobre isso.
Ele queria uma criação de conteúdo de valor, porém não foi claro sobre o que realmente significa valor para ele, o que eu fazia, ele não gostava.
O voluntariado terminou antes da data prevista. Tirando isso, Jonathan era muito solícito e educado.

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Jonathan respondeu

As a startup creating a business is already something hard, so when any business creates an opportunity they are looking for help, I gave you all the tools to create content, and even though you didn't have much experience I gave you the chance to see the intention of trying hard, the content that I received was basic and didn't reflect the hours needed per day. It a very easy and enjoy full opportunity if the person does have experience or tries hard, and as I said we are a business, we do give a very comfortable so the volunteer can feel rested and have a space to work in, but as always effort is needed, hope your travels are wonderful and great but remember no matter what we do we should give our best, that's why volunteers should feel identified with the project, you may have a lot of followers but we were looking for content not any sort of influencer or anything like that. Also, you mentioned you were fluent in English which was not like that, that's why you may feel the communication problem, because I was very clear, next time be realistic in your profile and add intermediate, in these platforms you need to be realistic.

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