Papa Sao Farm

Welcome to my small organic farm, situated in my Karen Hill Tribe village, Khoon Sab, between Paï and Chiang Maï.

My name is Papa Sao and I am Karen people.

In my farm you can live surrounded by nature and experience the daily life of local people. I will teach you permaculture, jungle survival techniques, karen clothes and how to use bamboo to build, cook and make instruments!

The work you do is 100% up to you. I love to welcome people to my farm, get to know their stories and share mine with them!

We have received a number of volunteers from around the world. Please be a part of our family. Be HAPPY - living the simple life on Papa Sao's Farm. What to bring? - Toiletries - Torch/Flashlight - Simple clothing / Sandals - Insect repellent - and HAPPY heart. Here, you can learn (by doing) about: - Karen culture and lifestyle - Organic farming, and fishing - How to use plants as food and medicine - How to make traditional clothes, baskets, music… - Karen Carving - Karen cooking with forest food! - How to be HAPPY in a simple life! - The amount of work you do and what is 100% up to you!

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Papa Saos farm was a truly wonderful experience. He taught me how to make a fire, cook local dishes, identify local plants, and I event got to try the Karen Tribe weaving with Mama Sao. I was sick before I arrived and he made me herbal remedies and I felt better right away. Not much farm work as it was dry season but it was very relaxing and good for the soul.

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I love this farm😌

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The experience we went through in Papa Sao Farm was incredibly nourishing for our souls, minds and tummies, if you feel like meeting real Karen community, sleep with thr sound of nature and learn about many ways to enjoy life this is the place where you will learn the art of living, Thank you Papa and Mama Sao!!

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My experience at Papa Sao's farm was pleasant enough for me. I didn't have many tasks and enjoyed plenty of free time. The farm offered stunning mountain views, and Mama Sao was particularly kind. However, the $9 (300 BHT)/night fee for volunteers may not be justified. Accommodation is a basic field hut, and the food portions are limited. Recommended for nature lovers seeking a starry mountain night experience!

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Papa Sao immediately greeted us with open arms, jokes and smiles. His farm is beautiful with traditional Karen amenities. Sleeping was comfortable but BASIC. Papa Sao LOVED to feed us! He made food from scratch each meal and we learned some cooking techniques. During the day there wasn’t much to do because it is the dry season. I plowed the field once, helped cut bamboo to build a roof, learned how to weave, played with his grandkids, and spent a lot of time practicing a song Papa Sao was teaching me on his guitar. We went to the market, the school next door and the strawberry festival intown

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