Pastoral Valley Ecological Yoga Farm

Pastoral Valley is known as Turkey's largest Yoga and Meditation retreat center expanding over a 10 acre land. Living and working in a farm with local people - interacting with continuous flow of guests throughout the year, will certainly give you the opportunity to learn things like, traditional Turkish Cuisine, and ıts unique culture. You can also learn a lot about sustainable and ecological farming practices. Volunteers are also encouraged to talk to visiting Yoga / Meditation Instructors to see ıf they can also be a part of their programs - if they are interested.

Our staff members are all from the village next to us...they are our neighbors . They come and start their daily routine, start to work at 8am in the morning and they leave at 6pm - everyday' all year round...for the last 15 years. they are very friendly, accommodating and always good with our volunteer friends

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