PAUSE Hostel

Hello, Worldpackers!! My name is Madi, I am a Belizean woman and an animal lover. I love animals so much, that I have dedicated my life to them. For the past 20+ years, I have rescued abandoned cats and dogs, I have done in Belize and Mexico, sterilization campaigns to control the overpopulation, and awake the consciousness about it, we have provided foster homes for the animals, and have built a shelter for the ones that nobody has adopted. This is my life. I have an animal sanctuary in Belize that is also a hostel, it was my first PAUSE HOSTEL, located in Key Caulker, where we provide love and care for rescued cats and dogs. Over there, for many years, I ran a volunteer-vacation program that has worked amazingly for everyone. This is the reason Why we opened PAUSE HOSTEL in Chetumal (México). We need to be sustainable, so running a Hostel would be the best way to find the economic resources and keep doing my job with the animals while inviting everyone to contribute, to support a Hostel with a CAUSE, to give back.

I believe in the power of love, of helping each other, I truly believe in the goodness of the human beings. I will treat you nicely and respectfully. I am very flexible but I like things to be clear. My staff is in accordance with my beliefs, so expect the same from them. The time you will be here, We expect the same from you, clarity, loving, we expect you will treat this place like it was yours, with care and respect.

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