A unique English guest house in an idyllic traditional Cornish village by the sea with myself Charlie, Rosie my partner (both 29years old) and Dorothy (rosies grandma and the owner in her 90s full of life and character!) Opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life, connect with nature and us :)

We are 29 years old, active, engaged and passionate people. We love to connect with you and become friends. We enjoy music/meditation/exercise/philosophy/cooking/ deep conversations.

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The host at the guesthouse is friendly and often took me to local activities. The locals are positive and welcoming. The cat at the guesthouse is very friendly and lovely. It's a 15-minute walk to the beach, which is great for swimming. The work schedule is flexible, and the guests are considerate. The room is always tidy, and the workload is not heavy. The guesthouse has a separate room for me and the host even drove me to the supermarket. Overall, it was a great experience. Highly recommended!

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The experience at Penkerris is fantastic. Charlie and Rosie are wonderful people: caring, fun, and easygoing. I felt at ease and respected the whole time. You get your own room, which is very comfortable and a huge plus for privacy, especially if you’ve been traveling for quite a while and sharing rooms in hostels and other volunteering places. St. Agnes and its surroundings are also wonderful natural places. The beach is very close and there is a beautiful coastal path to walk if you enjoy this kind of activity. It’s been really a home away from home experience, which I’m very grateful for <3

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From day one I felt really welcomed by the amazing Penkerris family, thanks to Rosie and Charlie for being such nice hosts and people, treating me like part of the family, always respecting the work schedule and introducing me to the local culture and people. I couldn't be more grateful for this experience, I wouldn't change a thing. The room is very comfortable, the work is well explained and I had fun doing it, the atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. I miss you guys, thank you for everything, hope to see you again someday :)

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We really have no words to describe the incredible experience we had at Penkerris.
Rosie and Charlie became our friends, they are very kind people, they receive you with great affection and make you feel at home.
The work is very simple and you have a lot of free time to walk around the town, take walks and spend time with them.
The most difficult part was leaving the house, it was a wonderful experience that we would repeat.
Thank you very much guys, we love you!

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What an incredible experience! Saint Agnes is a charming place, with kind people around every corner.
Penkerris is a beautiful house with a beautiful garden and many stories, the work we did was quiet and few hours a day.
The best part was meeting Rosie and Charlie, they are wonderful and kind people, they always made us feel at home, they helped us with English tips and we managed to learn a lot.
We met dear grandma Dorothy with her beautiful personality, she likes to talk and tell a lot of stories.
Really the hardest part is saying goodbye. We love you ♡

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