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As we are a backpacker's hostel always hosting a multitude of cultures and travelers, we are an ideal platform for helpers to expand their personal network/make extensive social connections and for helpers to derive benefit from these connections in any way they see fit. Besides being a backpacker's hostel, we also pride ourselves for being a social platform with an attached cafe, themed hidden bar, and various common areas, spaces and events. As such, we welcome additional personalities coming in and being a part of as well as further develop the character of the hostel for the benefit of the guests and our working environment. Considering our location, we are the perfect spot for helpers to explore KL. Being in a central of KL, offers a perspective of old and modern KL all in the same location. Having all modes of public transport within walking distance also allows guests to immerse themselves in whatever experience KL has to offer and by extension, being connected to the rest of Malaysia. As each and every one of our personnel have differing experiences in our city and country in general, we are more than happy to provide extensive introductions to the city and country.

We wish our hostel to be a place where people can feel good and connect with the city of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, so we do our best to create a flowing atmosphere with a clean and relaxed environment. We do our best to recycle, reduce, reuse and create ecologic solutions. We also have a small garden growing some veggies and greens. We believe in working mindfully, focusing on work, being present and working with love and care yet fun.

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