Phangan Animal Care for Strays

We are a small nursing clinic caring for Koh Phangan's stray, temple & wild animals and dedicated to improving the lives since 2001. We are a Non-Profit organization and rely entirely on donations, volunteers and sponsorship to carry out our work. We receive no government funding, and rely heavily on the good-will of the local community, tourists and friends. We provide medical care and have a dedicated neutering and vaccination program carried out with the help of volunteer vets and vet nurses. We provide daily hospital care for many animals who have more serious conditions and also out-patient care. Our mission is to keep Koh Phangan Rabies Free, through vaccination and education. We control the dog and cat population through neutering of all stray and temple animals and through promotion of the neutering of owned animals. We provide nursing care to animals and educate the public in responsible animal care.

We are a small team of 4 full-time staff. We need the volunteers to help us with the daily tasks such as: - walking dogs - feeding all in-patients - cleaning & laundry - socialising puppies - tick-picking & spraying - giving treatment to ill or recovering animals - assisting the nurse & patient restraint - fundraising - catching & transporting stray animals - photography - gardening - instrument scrubbing - swab cutting & folding - administration and more! We highly appreciate volunteer vet nurses, veterinarians or vet students to join our team.


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A mix of smelly, ridiculously adorable dogs, a bit crazy,big hearted humans and work that's never easy nor done before lunchtime yet more rewarding than any other stuff you occupy yourself with at home. The jungle has swollowed my heart and so I know I'll be back!


Nova Zelândia

An awesome place to volunteer and stay! Free accomodation while volunteering with days off. Helped with transport around the island. Highly recommended!


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