PreSence Homelife

We are offering more than volunteering, we are providing shelter in our home, while we offer exchange of knowledge, interculturalities, the demand for practices in Permaculture ... from dynamics of composting and planting to practices of Non-Violent Communication, Dragon Dreaming, and whatever make sense for you and us.. Sharing the time, multiplicity of knowledge and experiences. A familiar place, calm and quiet......The silence of the valley, the sounds of the winds and waters are invigorating.

We are a single daddy with 3 little sons and a Dream. Our common dream is something that unites us, motivates and drives us every day: the need to live happy, healthy, in an environment that feels safe, comfortable, stimulated, where we can practice and experience daily life for the Culture of Peace and Sustainability, believing it to be a possible path to be followed. Resilience is a word that defines well the certain cyclical, constant and changeable movement that we perceive in the dynamics of Life. Motivated to experience a quiet and calm environment, to offer good quality of life in the children's daily routine exercising the voluntary simplicity. We live in Aiuruoca mining town, that in the Tupi-Guarani (indigenous) language, means' address Of the parrot '. At that moment, we see ourselves in the quiet, hillside rural district called the Matutu Valley. The Matutu Valley, which means "sacred headwaters", is located between the PN of Itatiaia and the PE of 'Serra do Papagaio', in the 'Serra da Mantiqueira', approximately 18km from the city of Aiuruoca. Area declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, is protected by the Matutu Foundation. Its vegetation is typical of the Atlantic Forest of altitude, with foci of altitude and rock fields, Matas de Candeia and Mata de Araucária. A sanctuary of fauna and flora! Through the slopes of the Serra do Papagaio you can see from a distance the various crystalline waterfalls dyed white the immense area of ​​vegetation, very green and dyed by the blue and yellow flowers of the Lares and cambares, which spread everywhere. Not to mention the vast Araucaria fields still preserved. Our proposal is to be open to receive people who are looking and willing to go beyond a beautiful place to rest. We would like to contribute more to the moment and increase with some practices and experiences that facilitate, engage, inspire and establish the perspective of a Culture of Peace and Sustainability. Such practices range from management opportunities in the organic garden, in the medicinal herbs, in the PANCs; Opportunities to experience interpretive and inspiring tracks; Educational, Musical and Meditative practices; Workshops (live feeding, children's games, permaculture, bioconstruction, sintroptic agriculture ...). In addition to enjoying the silence, simplicity, hospitality, the purity of the waters and air of the highlands of Mantiqueira, the creative laziness of the net, the sound of birds and fauna in general, revitalizing healthy food, starry sky, wood stove , Cold nights, walks through the beautiful waterfalls of the region.

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