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An experimental and educational farm, we are working to bring a high level of self-sufficiency here and to share our knowledge with our visitors. We also offer farm-stay/English immersion vacation packages so folks can spend their holiday relaxing on a peaceful farm while improving their language skills. We are the stewards of one of the many Carolina Bays that pepper the East Coast, a unique ecosystem, which contains rare carnivorous plants. This is the farm’s 12th year hosting visitors. Fifty-two countries represented and over 475 folks volunteering, all have helped make the farm a better place. They have laughed, learned, sweated, grown and eaten some great food. We hope all that those who spend time here will take something positive away with them. Looking forward to another year of great helpers & guests!!!

Our family has been in the Carolina low-country since the 1670s, and here on this property since 1827. The farm and family have seen many changes throughout the centuries, and is looking to the future!!! My friends call me 'nikipedia' for the vast wealth of knowledge I love to share. I am a scholar of history and a myriad of other topics. I have extensive knowledge of my home region and love to share its wonders. I enjoy hosting international volunteers and helping people improve the English skills they already have. I cannot assist you in acquiring the necessary visas to travel to the US. Guests will learn about organic, sustainable farming methods & self-sufficiency, as well as anything else that they care to inquire about. The farm acts as an English language immersion experience for our volunteers--this means that while staying here, only English is spoken by all volunteers. For volunteers wanting to improve their English ability, this method is the only way to do it. Why visit an English-speaking country if you cannot be bothered with using the language while here. We will have long conversations in English with you. We have a huge selection of movies, along with Netflix, where our volunteers can both hear English spoken while reading the English subtitles. In eleven years, hundreds of international volunteers have enjoyed this method of improving their English abilities. The farm has an extensive library with thousands of books in English available to guests. We are the stewards of one of the many Carolina Bays that pepper the East Coast, which are truly unique ecosystems, & which contain rare carnivorous plants plus many other special species. Many miles of walking trails allow our guests to experience this ecosystem in a close & personal manner. While here, please respect the varied flora & fauna on the property by taking photos only, and not disturbing any sensitive habitats on the farm. Our helpers are treated as if they are a part of our family. For more info, visit our Facebook page: Prince Bay Farm Read our blogs at There you will find a blog stating the farm rules, guidelines, & boundaries--you will find a detailed description of what we require of our volunteers and what we offer. All volunteers shall have a base knowledge of English proficiency--this means being able to understand spoken English well enough to follow simple instructions. If a couple volunteers together, then both shall meet the English requirement. If you need a translation app to communicate in English, then this may not be the place for you. We seek a cultural exchange with our volunteers, so if you want to spend your evenings in your room, chatting with friends back home, watching your home country's TV shows/movies, and generally refrain from learning anything at all about the US, the Carolinas, or your host, then why are you volunteering outside of your home country? ***Nearest airport->Myrtle Beach, SC; Nearest train station->Dillon, SC. No public transportation in my area--if you need to be picked up from airport or train station, then expect to pay half of Uber rates for the same journey. ***We cannot assist you in any way in acquiring a US visa. Too many people use volunteer platforms in order to deceive hosts so they can get a US visa but never fulfill their commitment to volunteer. So, we will be happy to have you volunteer with us, you must acquire a visa on your own merits. *As I am an at-risk individual for covid-19, all volunteers will be fully vaccinated for covid-19 prior to coming to my farm. You will provide me with a copy of your vaccination prior to coming to the US. All volunteers will complete a questionnaire prior to being accepted. While we will pre-approve your stay, all stays are contingent on our review of your completed questionnaire. Thanks


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Eran un poco más de 5 horas de trabajo porque siempre se debía ayudar a cocinar o lavar la loza. El servicio de traslado es pagado (a tarifa de Uber). Es necesario mucho repelente por los insectos.

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Had a lot of fun! Looking to come back soon!

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My stay at Price Bay Farm, despite being totally different from the tasks I do on a daily basis, was pleasant, the assigned tasks are routine but simple. Nicholas was always attentive and willing to teach me and explain each of the tasks and tell me about the products that are grown on his farm. If you are passionate about the countryside and animals, this option is for you.

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