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Aloha everybody! We (Florian, Bennet, and Max) bought a piece of land in 2020, with an idea - more freedom for ours elves, and also for others. Here we are creating a self-sufficient community (or even movement) serving our basic needs and growing mentally and intellectually while doing so. Our long-term goal is to create a food forest and restore the two ruins on our plots to fulfil some of basic human needs - shelter and food. We don't have the perfect path and neither a time-bound goal list in mind, but as long as we (and you!) enjoy the process, everything is fine for us. Some values we share along the way (subject to change, you´re welcome to share your thoughts): - Non - Commerciality (eg. no price tag, donation-only, personal income cap for members) - Transparency (eg. all money-related, power-related, and decisive information must be shared) - Equality (eg. equal equity structure, equal decision power) - Permaculture Ethics & Principles (there are 3 ethics and 12 principles, pls them online ;) ) So how does a typical day look like here? There is no typical day! :) We live basically outside, so a lot depends on the weather conditions. And obviously the individual motivation and the collective drive. There is enough work (or tasks) to do. Physical, creative, emotional, organizational, and all other types of “work”. There are a lot of fun things to do: - A skate ramp, - Pinpong tabel - Badminton - Bicecles - two nice lakes, the sea close by, climbing trees, playing frisbee. There is also a lot of option just to do nothing/not to do: - Sitting in the sun, - observing bees flying - looking at the grass growing… (there are many cool scientific videos in internet about importance of getting lost and doing nothing) The only structure we have: Communal dinner daily coocke by you and us, and daily check-ins. What is self-governance? The most important part you should consider before coming here - we bought the land and got the ball rolling. but theproject should exist and work without a specific person being there and being a “leader” having all the responsibility. Which translates to: more responsibility for you. Responsobility might sound big and How should I support the project ideas then? By being here you already do! Besides that, we have created a lot of data (mostly digital) consisting of our thoughts, ideas, etc. All of which will be shared with you even before you arrive. In a condensed form to make it bearable. So you will have equal information and if you feel you want to know more, you can always reach out to us. Alright. Which amenities can I expect when living at the project? To keep it short: slightly better than camping, but worse (read: less convenient) as it is in your flat. We have a “normal” kitchen, where we can cook delicious food on up to 4 gas stove fields. We have enough solar electricity to charge all mobile phones, power banks, head torches (bring one!), and a few laptops per day. We have fresh water in a big tank, the water we are delivering (yes, no running water at the moment) from the city. We have dry toilets and a small shower tank. We have one trailer as our only heatable room, enough for 10 people We have enough tents and mattresses for all guests plus some duvets (bring your tent and a sleeping bag if you have one) We have good LTE reception and unlimited data to share with you. Further questions? Our past description was muuuuuuch longer. If you wanna read more about us first, just drop us a message and we can send you the longer, much more detailed version. Please write in English to us, as not all of us are speaking German. PS: Everyone is welcome here! The only precondition for your stay here is that afterward, you leave our project in the same or improved conditions (since the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we don't wanna say beatifuler). So you don't need to put your energy into an application and/ or messaging us. You can come here anyhow, no matter your perceived skill set or which motivation brings you here. Please contact us via email ([email protected]) or Instagram (project.will.cayton)

Volunteers can expect to be treated like we would treat our good friends visiting :) Your will and freedome is most important for your daily life onsite, not ours.


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Unfortunately it was not possível to go there this time. But the guys care very responsible and cool. It was nice to accept me at the project. See you next time.

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