Promotion Of Social Balances Foundation

It is admirable city, It natural with a lot of attractive features. With us volunteers will enjoy day off evening walks in natural environment, visit zoos, Ruaha national park, Isimila Stone age, Kalenga museum. We have arranged discounts in drinks. Attend free parties and traditional dances at Mkwawa Arts. Volunteers will learn and experience new life with local people hence feel a real humanitarian and have funny.

I and my staff prefer privacy and commitment, we are tolerant to new behaviors, trustful and respectful. Organization staff are ready to be with volunteers for 15 hours per day. We would prefer a non-smoker but will allow smoking outside as long as you put your butts in the bin provided/around. We don't prefer drug takers and excessive drinking. Evening walks, watching movies and reading books are my hobbies as well as humanitarian activities being my favorite activity. To us a volunteer is like a donor, giving free their time and energy is valuable and considerable, we take take from picking them in airports and accompanying them all days that will be hosting them. We promise them a memorable moment of their lives while with us.

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