Provstegården Bed & Breakfast

Our Bed & Breakfast is situated in an old deanery (approx. 160 years old) in a small village.

We are also using the house for other business-related activities, besides the B&B.
Volunteers have nothing to do with these jobs.

International travelers, volunteers, work-aways, digital nomads, interns, trainees, etc. spending time at our B&B on a work and travel program (Working Holiday) will find a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing place to find yourself. Experiencing the local area or go together by bus or train to nearby interesting cities, Horsens, Skanderborg, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Vejle, Fredericia, Silkeborg, Billund, Copenhagen, Hamburg, etc.

Working and interacting with Danes allows international travelers to not only build personal relationships but also to learn about Danish culture from a local perspective.

In the B&B we have a lot of international customers, mainly from Europe, where the possibility of meeting new people also occurs.
Help us understand your culture with your insight from growing up there, so we better can understand your country.

At our Bed & Breakfast, we need help with cleaning and general maintenance.
The minimum stay length is 8 weeks.

Why do we need your help?
There is always enough to do when you have a big garden and a big house, and we think it’s a great way to get some help and meet other cultures, in exchange for food, lodging, and insight into the Danish culture.

5-6 hours a day – up to 25 hours a week, and 3 days off a week on average during your stay.
We can arrange to get you more connected days off if you need it.

We will provide a 15 square meters private room, with a private entrance. It is fully furnished, double bed, tv, etc. There is unlimited internet, fiber 250/250 shared with guests. Toilet, bath, kitchen, washing machine, dryer, etc. are all free to use.

Food is provided for the whole stay.
In the summer you are free to stay in a caravan or in a tent.

What else:
There is 3 km to the nearest bus, and from here you can go to Horsens or Aarhus. From Aarhus/Horsens/Skanderborg there are trains to the rest of Denmark. When we have the time we will gladly drive you to the bus or even the train.

In Denmark, we have something called Flextaxa, it’s a very cheap way (Bus prices) It will pick you up here and transport you to Horsens or Skanderborg train station.

How to order a Flextaxa:
Order by phone on +45 87 40 83 00 (press 2) Monday – Sunday 7.00 – 20.00.
They can pick you up from 06:00 to 24:00 but ask.
You have to order Flextur at least one hour before pickup.
You can tell them when you want to be picked up approximately or when you have to be at one of the stations at the latest time.

What to see and do:
By trains, bus, local tramp /Flixbus, and local buses) you can easily visit some bigger cities.
Such as Horsens, Skanderborg, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Grenaa, Vejle, Fredericia, Silkeborg, Copenhagen, Hamburg, etc.

There is a lot of smaller sights nearby, the area is very good for cycling, walking, etc.
We can provide a cycle free to use.

In Aarhus, Horsens, and Skanderborg there are rich possibilities to see a lot of Danish & international culture, meet young and old, go out, take a course, etc.

You will be living in a very relaxing and calm side of Denmark ( Søhjlandet/The Lake-highland), but still very close to a lot of interesting sites and places, like Aarhus 32 km (next biggest city in DK), Horsens 15 km, Skanderborg 15 km.

Check out this link for more ideas:

Because of Danish law, all WorkAways have to be between 18 and 31 years of age when they apply for a Working Holiday Visa (Canadians up to 36 years of age). European citizens have no restrictions. If you arrive here on a Working Holiday Visa it is normally granted for a year. How much you are allowed to work during that year differs from country to country, see the links below.

Official links about visas, traveling, and working in Denmark:

How do you plan to get here?

If you fly to Copenhagen you can get here by bus or train (To Horsens)
If you fly to Hamburg you can get here by bus or train (To Horsens)
If you fly to Billund we will come to pick you there
If you fly to Aalborg you can get here by bus or train (To Skanderborg)
If you fly to Aarhus you can get here by bus or train (To Skanderborg)

If you come from Copenhagen, south & east Denmark take the train/bus to Horsens.
If you come from the northern part of Denmark take the train/bus to Skanderborg.
If you come from west Denmark both Horsens & Skanderborg work out, check your options.

No matter what you choose we will come to pick you up at the above stations.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions :)

Our Bed & Breakfast is situated in an old deanery (approx. 160 years old) in a small village. I (Helene) am 61 years old, I live in an apartment at the B&B. My son (Daniel) & his wife (Melania) also live at the B&B in one of the apartments. We are also using the house for other business-related activities, besides the B&B. We run some online activities from here and have clients for psychotherapy and private, companies, and government courses. WorkAways have nothing to do with these jobs.


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Minha experiência foi ótima. Foi minha primeira vez e eu estava muito nervosa. Mas todos fizeram que eu me sentisse bem vinda, as regras foram super claras e qualquer dúvida que eu tivesse eles era super pacientes e me explicavam quanto fosse necessário. O lugar é lindo!!! Super calmo, um verdadeiro retiro no meio da natureza. O quarto era confortável, internet ótima e as refeições eram ótimas também.

5 meses atrás



We had a very pleasant stay. Helene, Melania and Daniel were very kind to us and made our stay as good as possible. Moreover, the tasks to be done were really easy. I would of course repeat and recommend it to anyone but who wants to relax and enjoy themselves.

6 meses atrás



La experiencia no podría haber sido mejor, no hay mejor sitio para desconectar que ahí, el sitio es precioso, y el trabajo es muy leve. Los anfitriones son increíbles, tratan de que no te falte de nada y que estes lo más cómodo posible desde el primer día al último, siempre respetando tu espacio.
Una experiencia de 10.

6 meses atrás



La relación con Helene fue buena. Lamentablemente la relación con la pareja del Hotel no lo fue. Me sentía confundido cuando por un lado me decía Helene que las tareas que realice las terminara hoy, mañana, en si que me tomara mi tiempo. Pero por el otro lado tanto Daniel y Melania me decían que era lento, que otros voluntariados hacian este trabajo (recolección de hojas), más rápido que yo. Tampoco no me gusto cuando algunas veces había en la heladera productos con su fecha de vencimiento ya expedida. Pensé que quizás fue una equivocación, pero he hablado con otro y también le sucedió lo m

12 meses atrás



This is my first exchange on the Worldpackers platform and it was a good experience. Helene, Melania and Daniel are very kind and always hope that you are well. The work is as stipulated, respecting in turn the rest days. Although my English is not very good, they were very patient with me and we were able to communicate. Absolutely, I recommend this experience.

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